What is Underground?

For many years we at Pennington have had a love affair with music.  A hot steamy love affair that has finally bubbled over just like a street side pornographic voyeuristic display of naughtiness.  Makes those nights in New Orleans seem tame in comparison.  After all the wonderful sexy goodness we have been so selfishly keeping to ourselves we have cut ourselves loose!  That’s right!  No more shall we be silenced like coy little lambs when we are wolves instead.

So on with the love affair!  Now that we have had some sort of general knowledge about half the things we say, we will now pass on our words of wisdom to the wise…or incredibly foolish.  Not really bouts of advice…more like general knowledge of what we think is awesome.  Some of this you might know…other things remain underground.  We do this out of sick satisfaction for we know it will corrupt someone and we take great pleasure in that fact.  But more, we do not want people to be in ignorance.  Just because something is different doesn’t mean you can’t rock out to it!



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