Soundtrack Throwback

As many of you who grew up within the last 30 years knows music is the soundtrack of our lives.  There is a very good reason behind that saying.  Soundtracks tell a story that, well, maybe the movie didn’t get quite right in visuals.  Maybe they both did well and everyone won in that situation.  In some cases it was the soundtrack that sold the movie.  Hell, Disney has made a fortune on their music alone!  When you remember a soundtrack you either really loved or really hated, you still hold on to that memory so it must have done something for you.

So this is The Underground: Soundtrack Throwback!  A section devoted to the soundtracks with which I mostly remember either with fondness or seething, blind hatred.  I also welcome suggestions since I’m pretty sure I haven’t heard every soundtrack out there and I know I missed some great ones.  These are suited to my tastes but I am willing to put aside my shallowness for the sake of journalism and try to throw a few in there that you wouldn’t catch me listening to in a million years.  And if you have something you want to add, go ahead.  But know this, tolerance can only go so far and I will stress to exercise this.  But other than hoping none of you shall be douches for the 100th time, enjoy!


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