Antipiracy : Flaws and the Power Trip

black and white the pirate bay tpb pirate flag viva la revolucion 1440x900 wallpaper_www.knowledgehi.com_64Recently, and I do mean recently, I had been faced with a rather sad conundrum.  I love music.  That should be rather obvious from my posts (and I know I have been gone a few months but…reasons) and I respect musicians a great deal.  But something occurred today that has shaken my very faith in this country.

I was recently flagged for piracy.  Now, I assure you that I have paid for my music and I don’t distribute but I do sometimes download albums if I wasn’t sure at first (iTunes is a new jump for me if you can believe it) but then I would delete it and maybe purchase that album later on.  Well, I did do this…not anymore.  And truly, I should have known better but despite the wrong I did…I have found a very strong flaw in anitpiracy’s agenda.

Now I’m not mad for having been trolled online by someone who is wasting talent on trying to make others lives difficult instead of trying to catch pedophiles and criminals with their skills.  No indeed!(sarcasm)  I’m angry because the only things this country cares about is catching music downloaders instead of trying to catch people who are actually hurting others.  Not to say that catching “pirates” isn’t a reputable profession but unless it involves a Spanish galleon and a Jolly Roger…please try to catch the person who just downloaded child pornography instead of a Sam Smith album!

Now in order to fix my problem I had to talk to several “security techs” who then berated and lectured me for 45 minutes on just how wrong my actions were.  Of course I already admitted what I did was wrong yet I felt this…giddiness to them.  They were happy to “catch a pirate”.  And all the while I thought, “Damn! These people could probably save a life if they would just stop trying to stop me from listening to Godsmack!”

Just to reassure you all, I’m not downloading “illegally” anymore since I don’t think it’s worth it to waste the energy of someone trying to catch coveted IP addresses for the music industry.  But seriously, it is very awesome to buy your music.  It supports the artists and the industry.  If you do pirate, it’s your risk.  You’ll have to deal with the same bitches I did! Thank You~!


Midnight Waffle Madness Playlist

waffle cartoon

So, because me and my friends don’t really get to go out to be “social” anymore we tend to get a bit crazy being cooped up in our offices writing awesome blogs and researching awesome things.  But, we tend to get a bit side tracked on Saturday night so to make me feel better, I decided to throw a Midnight Waffle Madness party just to mix things up.  Music is, of course, a constant presence and so I thought that now would be a great opportunity to share it with all of you!  This time it’s 80’s themed and just imagine that I thought of making, cooking, and eating waffles at midnight as I came up with this playlist!

Locomotion – Kylie Minogue

Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now – Jefferson Starship

Stand and Deliver – Adam and the Ants

The Heat Is On – Glenn Frey

Everybody Wants To Rule The World – Tears For Fears

Get Outta My Dreams – Billy Ocean

I Melt With You – Modern English

Power of Love – Huey Lewis and The News

Good Enough – Cindi Lauper

Just Like Heaven – The Cure

Never Gonna Give You Up – Rick Astley

Burning Down The House – Talking Heads

Sunday Bloody Sunday – U2


Let’s Make Out with Music :: Alphabet Playlists :: The Letter C

I totally did this playlist idea!


34219b69cfe0cf7d7042916ea96cfafaLet’s Make Out with Music :: Alphabet Playlists
Come Back Around, Come Back To Me :: The Letter C
Listen here on Spotify

Celebrity Skin :: Hole
Coffee & TV :: Blur
Come Pick Me Up :: Ryan Adams
Cry, Cry :: Mazzy Star
Candy :: Iggy Pop & Kate Pierson
Cuts You Up :: Peter Murphy
Can’t Find My Way Back Home :: Blind Faith
Close :: Pete Yorn
Choose Drugs :: Juliana Hatfield
Caroline :: Concrete Blonde
Cosmic Dancer :: T-Rex
Catch My Fall :: Billy Idol
Can’t Hardly Wait :: The Replacements
Careless Memories :: Duran Duran
Catch :: The Cure
Cedar Lane :: First Aid Kit
Cowboy Romance :: Natalie Merchant
Classic Girl :: Jane’s Addiction
Circle :: Edie Brickell & The New Bohemians
Champagne Supernova :: Oasis
Cannonball :: Damien Rice
Classic Cars :: Bright Eyes
Come As You Are :: Nirvana
Changes :: David Bowie

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Wanting to Punch Your Co-Worker in the Face Playlist


Though I’m not condoning actually walking up to a co-worker and punching them in the face (unless of course they start shit…then I’m okay with seeing your face on the evening news) but if you ever have a few minutes to spare to think about it to cool down so you can walk away without a police escort then this playlist might work for you.  I think there are a lot of people who don’t see how music can help out by keeping your mind occupied with just thoughts…instead of picking up a wrench and going all Michael Myers on your office narcs.  Just remain calm and let your brain hash out the evil for you…but really, try not to actually kill anyone…it’s wrong…and stupid.

The World Does Not Revolve Around You – Temposhark

Break Stuff – Limp Bizkit

I Fucking Hate You – Godsmack

Fucking Hostile – Pantera

I Hate Everything About You – Three Days Grace

One Step Closer – Linkin Park

Bodies – Drowning Pool

Getting Away With Murder – Papa Roach

Judith – A Perfect Circle

Watch You Bleed – Five Finger Death Punch


Running Away From Zombies Playlist

Warning Wallpaper__yvt2

Even though I’m not wholly “up” on this trend I’m willing to have a bit of fun.  So I’ve been told that giving yourself a scenario for running or jogging can give you greater motivation to succeed.  For instance, someone said to try to pretend that you’re trying to outrun a mass murderer or one of the mutants from These Hills Have Eyes.  Since both of these events would most definitely give me a heart attack I figured that something a little less likely should be proposed.  Something a little bit easier to run from.  So I got the idea of zombies….slow, mindless, obstacle avoiding zombies.  So, I gathered a few of the better horror themed upbeat jams and proceeded to have a bit of fun.  Wanna make it better?  Have some of your friends dress up and run with you for more thrills!

Zombies Ate Her Brain – The Creepshow

Living Dead Girl (Naked Exorcism Mix) – Rob Zombie

Return of the Loving Dead – Nekromantix

Zombie Prostitute – Voltaire

Walk Like A Zombie – Horrorpops

Thriller – Michael Jackson

Hands of Death – Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper

Black Roses – The Matadors

Is This The Way You Get To Hell? – Stitched Up Heart

Voices – Crown The Empire

16 Truly Unique Voices in Music

I know there are A LOT of great singers out there in the world and I KNOW that all of you have your favorites that you can identify through a bullet proof sheet of glass underwater through ear muffs while chewing on a Ritz cracker, okay!  Throughout the history of music there have been voices that lifted you to Heaven and others that tortured you like fake metal nails on a old school chalk board.  Each was unique since it was one that you would remember forever…or you just listened to the album so much that you could possibly identify them in a line-up solely based on their glass shattering crescendo. Point is, you know the singer even if they utter one single syllable.  That is what I’m going to give you guys now!  A look, based on the consensus of my staff (aka my friends who eventually get me away from this infernal machine!) on their top picks of the most distinctive voices in music!  It’s not a top list…just a list in no order.

1. Rod Stewart

A little raspy, a little sultry. and little Rod.  His voice is actually one of the more “truer” voices I think I can recognize.  It’s not a perfect voice, but interesting and it perks your ears a little when you hear it.

2. Freddie Mercury

Oh, damn!  Yes, if I had a time machine…but then all my happy dreams start out that way.  I cannot lie when I say that Freddie is one of my favorites since his voice is powerful, but soft and sad at times.

3, Michael Jackson

Yet another one that I would love to have had a time machine for!  Just to go back to 1983 and say “Stop!  Whatever you are thinking, just stop!” and then I would feel that everything was okay.  If you were a child of the 70’s and 80’s you grew up with this voice and could pick it out from a whole mesh of radio static.

4. Janis Joplin

My dad is a huge Joplin fan but when I was young, I wasn’t too charmed with her voice.  I thought it really raw and dull, like if I was given money to sing!  But I later learned, in my wise older age, that her voice was special to the generation and was totally different than what anyone had heard before.

5. Ozzy Osbourne

Hells yeah!  His voice has to be special!  He’s the Prince of Darkness!  Like so many voices on this list, it’s not necessarily the quality of the voice but it’s delivery and power.  Ozzy has still got that!  When you hear him sing, you scream your head off.

6. Johnny Cash

I would know this voice anywhere!  If his family randomly released unreleased shit from him, I would hear his voice and know it’s him.  Dark, deep and impossible not to like!

7. Bob Dylan

This may come as a shock to many of you and I’m sorry to say it, but I’m not that huge of a Dylan fan.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a lot of his stuff but the man has released so much in his long career that I just haven’t had the patience to go through it all.  His voice is another thing though.  I can hear that of his harmonica and guess who it is!

8. David Gahan

Yes.  I have Depeche Mode here too!  You know that thing above about listening to an album over and over again until you know…I’m that way with David.

9. Axl Rose

Another grating voice!  Yay us!  As much as we might not like Axl as a person, his songs from the late 80’s early 90’s were the shit!  Though he and Guns n Roses did a lot of covers, you would totally know if it was Axl since that voice had an edge to it.

10. Barry Gibb

A truly unique voice for the list!  Singer for the marvelously successful Bee Gees this guy had to highten the pitch of his voice to sing.  it became so distinctive to their sound, he just kept singing that way!

11. Robert Plant

Oh…I love Led Zeppelin!  I’m just gonna say…damn!  What a great voice!

12. David Bowie

I swoon over David Bowie.  That is the power of his voice!  He has a beautiful voice that is deeply languid and completely addictive.  He thrashes it, he serenades, and he rocks it out!

13. Rob Zombie

A very rough voice that almost sounds digitized.  It’s not really “singing” in the best word since he doesn’t belt out high notes but it’s such a rockin’ voice!  If you get a chance to see him live…well, I wasn’t disappointed!

14. Elvis Presley

I don’t even nee to go into this.  It’s Elvis people, end of story.

15. Louis Armstrong

A lot of people probably didn’t see this coming.  If you’ve heard this man’s voice through recordings or Youtube, it is so rough and raspy that there is no one else I have heard of with his success that sounds the way he does.

16. Dolly Parton

This is a voice I grew up on and to this day I can even recognize her talking voice.  She is the embodiment of the smart “dumb blonde” and I would love to age with grace the way her voice has!

Soundtrack Throwback – Divergent (2014)


So, okay.  Not really a “throwback” since this just came out like three months ago so we’ll just say we’re looking back just a bit.  It might not be a conversation worthy soundtrack but it does have some smart points I’d like to mention. For starters, I dig The Mortal Instruments soundtrack more just because this music is catered more to the “popular” young crowd and is primarily centered around pop jams.  Now this is not a bad thing…but I tend to hear this stuff on the radio ALL THE BLOODY TIME!  Why does corporate radio rape my love of music with constant repetition?  WHY?!  A good strength of the soundtrack is that a lot of songs are remixes of pop songs letting them sound happily very different.  A few stand outs for me are the new Ellie Goulding  single, Pia Mia, M83, and BANKS.  Having listened through the album, I noticed that there was a slight inconsistency to genre which I didn’t think matched the album well at all.  It just seemed a bit modge podge-ish.  Well, despite my few dislikes, I did like at least 5 of the songs on the album so percentage wise I can’t argue too much.  But oh…why Snow Patrol?  WHY?

1. Find You – Zedd feat. Matthew Koma & Miriam Bryant
2. Beating Heart – Ellie Goulding
3. Fight For You – Pia Mia feat. Chance The Rapper
4. Hanging On (I See MONSTAS Remix) – Ellie Goulding
5. I Won’t Let You Go – Snow Patrol
6. Run Boy Run – Woodkid
7. Backwards – Tame Impala & Kendrick Lamar
8. I Need You – M83
9. In Distress – A$AP Rocky feat. Gesaffelstein
10. Lost And Found (ODESZA Remix) – Pretty Lights
11. STRANGER – Skirllex feat. KillaGraham From Milo & Otis & Sam Dew
12. Dream Machines – Big Deal
13. Dead In The Water – Ellie Goulding
14. I Love You – Woodkid
15. Waiting Game – BANKS
16. My Blood – Ellie Goulding