Music Nostalgia Collection

So, many of you are probably, by now, wondering why I have so many posts about classic rock and the list for every year of every decade and the great 5 songs and shit…so here’s the thing.  I start a project…or five…and then I go with it until I’m finished.  Well everyone…this will take me a while!  Now I know that most of you will agree, disagree, threaten me with lighters and an Indian funeral pyre, send me nasty hate mail as to why The Beatles were not the whole list, show up at my door with rusty sardine cans promising a very painful death, or sit there scratching your heads at the lyrics to The Cure’s Burn song (it happens) so let’s explain the rhyme behind the reason shall we.

I have based the candidates for my list based on several factors:

1. They had some kind of cultural, political, or bad ass effect on time itself.

2. They only smelled like patchouli until the winter grew bitter.

3. One of their concert performances changed reality.

4. The only reason they wore matching outfits was to hide from the police in Bolivia.

5. The lead guitarists could impregnate a woman by simply plucking a power chord.

6.  They were really good songs…this is my last reason mind you.

So, once my candidates had been chosen based on my concise and strictly enforced list of requirements, I set out to explain some more reasons why I personally chose them.  Some are more personal than others and some I put on because I knew I would get lynched in the parking lot of a Exxon station with serrated ropes, cheese graters, and buckets of frozen fish parts if I did not.

Then I slapped some videos down and voila..5 great songs from every year rock and roll has breathed fire!

5 Great Songs By Decade

The 50’s

’55      ’56     ’57     ’58     ’59

The 60’s

’60     ’61     ’62      ’63      ’64     ’65     ’66     ’67     ’68     ’69

The 70’s

’70     ’71     ’72     ’73     ’74     ’75     ’76     ’77     ’78     ’79

The 80’s

’80     ’81     ’82     ’83     ’84     ’85     ’86     ’87     ’88     ’89

Special – The Ones I Missed

The 90’s

’90     ’91     ’92     ’93     ’94     ’95     ’96     ’97     ’98     ’99

The 00’s?

’00     ’01     ’02     ’03     ’04     ’05     ’06     ’07     ’08     ’09


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