Our Concert Experiences

If you all thought that I write about music, live and breathe music, and have any sort of an opinion about music without actually attending concerts and supporting the bands…you would be so wrong!  I might not go to many concerts (since the economy is shit and I would REALLY want to go to ones currently not in this country) but I make sure that not only do I have an awesome time despite filthy diseased riddled venues, screaming psychotic mounds of flesh most bands call fans, and expensive merchandise that I mostly don’t even think twice about dropping $20 on a CD nowadays (I have cried later over that though) but the concert itself is one that eventually changes my life!

You see, as an international music fan (I believe that most people are like this by the way…they just have yet to realize it) I see concerts as a way of making a personal connection with an artist or band that you don’t get from a CD.  I have heard bands for years and never got into their music but go to a concert and got hooked!  It’s almost like how everyone tells you heroin is bad for you, you know it, the government knows it, your dog who licks his butt and initiates Mortal Kombat with his own leg knows it….but when you do it you love it!  (I am making a drug reference not because I do drugs but it’s the closest analogy I could make to make my point)

Concerts are incredibly important, not just for the bands, but for the fans out there who get that kick of hardcore love to the face when seeing their favorite band on stage be it for the first or 100th time.  So the next time you have an opportunity to go to a concert take it!  The music industry can be a cruel hateful bastard and no one can live forever!  Take the chance and rock on..I have never regretted it for a minute!


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