10 Bizarre Music Videos

As many people know the visual aspect of music is certainly important to the expansion and popularity of music.  It gives the audience something to look at…to be entertained by.  Sometimes artists take a drug induced chance of visualizig their cocaine fueled song writing on outrageous videos.  A great deal of the time this works because most fans don’t care whether their favorite band is wearing triangle cardboard tuxedos or making their one-eyed friends a sock puppet on stage…they just love them!

But…then we have the ones that just go a little too out there.  Whether they put disturbing content in to put you on edge or they throw in a few really uncomfortable images to remind you that not everything is rainbows and leprechaun spit, these are just a small few music videos that I felt did the aforementioned creep tingle or just made me laugh…and then had me questioning why I did.

Ready Steady Go – Paul Oakenfold

This video with the “organic” pulsations…and faces.

Siskin River – Up

I actually really liked the video but there was something off-putting about it.

Sledgehammer – Peter Gabriel

The original WTF video.

Self Control – Laura Branigan

R.I.P. Laura…you had an imagination!

Land of Confusion – Genesis

The song is amazing but…puppets!?

Elektronik Supersonik – Zlad

This video that made me laugh for an hour!

Chick Chick – Wang Rong Rollin

Another laughable one that I felt killed a few braincells.

Rubber Johnny – Aphex Twins

A whole video of NOPE!

True Faith – New Order

Love this band and song but what was up with the clowny suits?

Gay Bar – Electric Six

Gaybraham Lincoln as someone of the internet called it!

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