Summer Playlist #2 – Songs for Running from a T-Rex

Have you seen Jurassic World yet?  Well you should cause it’s amazing and fun and awesome with dinosaurs (obviously) and cool motorcycle hunts and just a great time!!  In honor of this hugely nostalgic piece of historical celluloid I have compiled a list of music you wish you could listen to whilst running away from a vicious T-Rex or new hybrid “never has the idea ever been so insane yet so cool” dinosaur!

I am attempting something a little different so tell me what you guys think!  I’m going to be trying out some music and video sites to see what works best so if you have any suggestions about it let me know!  Just click below on the T-rex to be magically swept across the internet to listen!

Click HERE to listen to the Playlist on SoundCloud!


“FACTOR” & “RESULT” by Angelo (2 EP spot + details)

I don’t know if many of you follow this band but I’m so stoked to see some new stuff coming soon!!

visual ioner

AngeloAngelo will release two new EP’s titled “FACTOR” and “RESULT” later this year.

Release date: Sept 2015
* 6 Tracks

Release date: Dec 2015
Angelo* 6 Tracks

Stay tuned for more information!

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Formed: 2006

Vocal: Kirito (キリト) Guitar: Giru (ギル) Guitar: Karyu Bass: KOHTA Drums: TAKEO
Vocal: Kirito
Guitar: Giru
Guitar: Karyu Bass: KOHTA Drums: TAKEO

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Kirito: A Kirito: Feb 24
Giru: A Giru: Aug 21st
Karyu: O Karyu: Dec 7th
KOHTA: A KOHTA: June 3rd
TAKEO: A TAKEO: July 11th

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10 Bizarre Music Videos

As many people know the visual aspect of music is certainly important to the expansion and popularity of music.  It gives the audience something to look at…to be entertained by.  Sometimes artists take a drug induced chance of visualizig their cocaine fueled song writing on outrageous videos.  A great deal of the time this works because most fans don’t care whether their favorite band is wearing triangle cardboard tuxedos or making their one-eyed friends a sock puppet on stage…they just love them!

But…then we have the ones that just go a little too out there.  Whether they put disturbing content in to put you on edge or they throw in a few really uncomfortable images to remind you that not everything is rainbows and leprechaun spit, these are just a small few music videos that I felt did the aforementioned creep tingle or just made me laugh…and then had me questioning why I did.

Ready Steady Go – Paul Oakenfold

This video with the “organic” pulsations…and faces.

Siskin River – Up

I actually really liked the video but there was something off-putting about it.

Sledgehammer – Peter Gabriel

The original WTF video.

Self Control – Laura Branigan

R.I.P. Laura…you had an imagination!

Land of Confusion – Genesis

The song is amazing but…puppets!?

Elektronik Supersonik – Zlad

This video that made me laugh for an hour!

Chick Chick – Wang Rong Rollin

Another laughable one that I felt killed a few braincells.

Rubber Johnny – Aphex Twins

A whole video of NOPE!

True Faith – New Order

Love this band and song but what was up with the clowny suits?

Gay Bar – Electric Six

Gaybraham Lincoln as someone of the internet called it!

Summer Playlist #1 – Summer Titles

Summer #1I still have this feeling that summer started a while ago!  I means…it has been hot as balls in Florida since April!  So summer has a different meaning to many of you but even so, I still wish to join that enthusiastic crowd who look so happy and energized on the way to the beach but then look soiled and miserable while leaving.  I want to be that ass who cruises down the street with my windows down blaring retched obnoxious corporate radio whilst wearing a gold bikini with a poodle stitched on the bum!

But I have decided to be far superior to this!  Indeed, this will be the beginning of a summer long series of playlists in which the theme is randomly drawn from an imaginary hat of dreams them that theme is cultivated into a playlist for all!

This particular list consists of songs with “summer” somewhere in the title.  The list was long to go through but I totally dig these so I hope you enjoy!

Summer Holiday – Chris Isaak

Cruel Summer – Bananarama (and if you’re fancy strikes, the Ace of Base version as well)

School’s Out (for Summer) – Alice Cooper

Boys of Summer – Don Henley (the Ataris also made a pretty decent cover)

Summer of ’69 – Bryan Adams

Summer Nights – John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John

Summertime Sadness – Lana del Ray (the slow and techno versions)

Summertime – Billie Holiday

Summer Rain – Belinda Carlisle

Summertime Blues – Eddie Cochran


Antipiracy : Flaws and the Power Trip

black and white the pirate bay tpb pirate flag viva la revolucion 1440x900 wallpaper_www.knowledgehi.com_64Recently, and I do mean recently, I had been faced with a rather sad conundrum.  I love music.  That should be rather obvious from my posts (and I know I have been gone a few months but…reasons) and I respect musicians a great deal.  But something occurred today that has shaken my very faith in this country.

I was recently flagged for piracy.  Now, I assure you that I have paid for my music and I don’t distribute but I do sometimes download albums if I wasn’t sure at first (iTunes is a new jump for me if you can believe it) but then I would delete it and maybe purchase that album later on.  Well, I did do this…not anymore.  And truly, I should have known better but despite the wrong I did…I have found a very strong flaw in anitpiracy’s agenda.

Now I’m not mad for having been trolled online by someone who is wasting talent on trying to make others lives difficult instead of trying to catch pedophiles and criminals with their skills.  No indeed!(sarcasm)  I’m angry because the only things this country cares about is catching music downloaders instead of trying to catch people who are actually hurting others.  Not to say that catching “pirates” isn’t a reputable profession but unless it involves a Spanish galleon and a Jolly Roger…please try to catch the person who just downloaded child pornography instead of a Sam Smith album!

Now in order to fix my problem I had to talk to several “security techs” who then berated and lectured me for 45 minutes on just how wrong my actions were.  Of course I already admitted what I did was wrong yet I felt this…giddiness to them.  They were happy to “catch a pirate”.  And all the while I thought, “Damn! These people could probably save a life if they would just stop trying to stop me from listening to Godsmack!”

Just to reassure you all, I’m not downloading “illegally” anymore since I don’t think it’s worth it to waste the energy of someone trying to catch coveted IP addresses for the music industry.  But seriously, it is very awesome to buy your music.  It supports the artists and the industry.  If you do pirate, it’s your risk.  You’ll have to deal with the same bitches I did! Thank You~!