Running Away From Zombies Playlist

Warning Wallpaper__yvt2

Even though I’m not wholly “up” on this trend I’m willing to have a bit of fun.  So I’ve been told that giving yourself a scenario for running or jogging can give you greater motivation to succeed.  For instance, someone said to try to pretend that you’re trying to outrun a mass murderer or one of the mutants from These Hills Have Eyes.  Since both of these events would most definitely give me a heart attack I figured that something a little less likely should be proposed.  Something a little bit easier to run from.  So I got the idea of zombies….slow, mindless, obstacle avoiding zombies.  So, I gathered a few of the better horror themed upbeat jams and proceeded to have a bit of fun.  Wanna make it better?  Have some of your friends dress up and run with you for more thrills!

Zombies Ate Her Brain – The Creepshow

Living Dead Girl (Naked Exorcism Mix) – Rob Zombie

Return of the Loving Dead – Nekromantix

Zombie Prostitute – Voltaire

Walk Like A Zombie – Horrorpops

Thriller – Michael Jackson

Hands of Death – Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper

Black Roses – The Matadors

Is This The Way You Get To Hell? – Stitched Up Heart

Voices – Crown The Empire

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