Soundtrack Throwback – Moulin Rouge! (2001)

Moulin RougeFor the sake of time and sanity I will not delve into the deep, nostalgic resources of my mind to list off all the music this soundtrack pulled from various groups and singers.  What I will do is point out everything that made this movie soundtrack work.  For one, it was a relative sound that, despite many genres and ages, it still connected with the audience.  The second is that it was upbeat (for the most part) that demonstrated the kind of okay vocals of both Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor.  The sound of the songs were not supposed to dazzle you or even impress you, but to make you feel for the character by the end of the song.  As I said, the vocals for the soundtrack are not perfect by any means but the sounds are mixed so well that you just get the idea.

Just a few of the major music artists who lent (or were forced to lend) their iconic sounds to this sound are Elton John, David Bowie and a famous piece from Sound of Music by Roger and Hammerstein.  Almost all are recognized only by either a few lines or, on occasion, a almost, but not quite whole song.  In all honesty, this is not my absolute favorite soundtrack, but it is unique in that most songs are remakes or remixes that might not honor the original wholly, but are still very entertaining.  I really did the tango of Roxanne since I am a huge Police fan.  Even so, I still suggest giving this album a look through again and also try to look for the non-included “Spectacular, Spectacular”.

“Nature Boy” – Toulouse
“The Sound of Music/Children of the Revolution” – Christian, The Bohemians, and the Green Fairy
“Lady Marmalade”/”Zidler’s Rap (The Can-Can)”/”Smells Like Teen Spirit” – Zidler, Moulin Rouge Dancers, and Patrons
“Sparkling Diamonds”/”Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend”/”Material Girl” – Satine and Moulin Rouge Dancers
“Rhythm of the Night” – Valeria
“Your Song” – Christian
“The Pitch (Spectacular Spectacular)” – Zidler, Christian, Satine, The Duke, and Bohemians
“One Day I’ll Fly Away” – Satine
“Elephant Love Medley” – Christian and Satine
“Górecki” – Satine
“Like a Virgin” – Zidler, The Duke, and Chorus Boys
“Come What May” – Christian, Satine, and Cast of Spectacular Spectacular
“El Tango de Roxanne” – The Argentine, Christian, Satine, and Moulin Rouge Dancers
“Fool to Believe” – Satine and Zidler
“The Show Must Go On” – Zidler, Satine, and Moulin Rouge Stagehands
“Hindi Sad Diamonds” – Nini Legs-in-the-Air, Satine, and the Cast of Spectacular Spectacular
“Come What May (Reprise)” – Satine and Christian
“Coup d’État (Finale)” – Cast of Spectacular Spectacular
“Nature Boy (Reprise)” – Toulouse

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