The Epic Series – Unforgettable Movie Scores (Part 1)


Welcome one and all to a brand new installment on the Underground: The Epic Series!  That’s right!  To go along with the drastically neglected but newly updated Soundtrack Throwback, I have added this new section to give me more work and unwanted responsibility.  Why you might ask?  Because I love music whilst drinking copious amounts of plum wine and to enjoy this in one swoop I combined two of the things I love most as of the last five minutes together. And coffee…I love coffee too. This first blog is going to be a list of some of the most amazing, epic score music ever presented on the corporate shaming silver screen….or the first 7 that I had on my iPod!  So far, I haven’t gone past the 70’s yet…and I am dreading that!

Thus, this section is going to be a two/multi-parter since I cannot settle on a decision to save my life.  I will probably write randomly on this subject submitting sporadically until I get bored with it or my attention span shoots itself…most likely three in.  This is not a list from best to worst or greatest to…not awesome.  I’m just throwing them out there like Ruki throws out sequined jackets!

Without further adieu (I just realized how very bizarre that phrase is.  I mean, I just looked at it and was like “what?”…anyway) I give you the first ever epic movie scores!

Indiana Jones – “The Raider’s March”

Yeah!  Bet a lot of you didn’t know that Indiana’s theme was actually called something.  Spielberg liked this so much that is was used in the rest of the films as Jones’ theme.  Unless you had been locked in a closet feasting upon bread and rain water you most definitely know this score.  And I dare say this is not Spielberg’s only spot on the lists!

Terminator II : Judgement Day – Main Theme

It was a close toss up I’ll say that but the differences between the first and second movie themes is subtle.  I really like the execution of the first but the second, I must confess, is significantly more badass and on so the badass scale won.  I think they just upped the ante when it came to percussion which suits the theme so much better!

Star Wars – “The Imperial March” (Darth Vader’s Theme)

I saw an internet meme that once said “You may be cool, but you will never be ‘awesome theme music that plays every time you enter a room’ cool”…and I agree with that!  As a kid, I remembered how the figure of Darth Vader scared the hell out of me, but then combine that with this amazing march song and you have the greatest foe sci-fi has EVER created!

Pirates of the Caribbean – “He’s A Pirate”

I know there are a lot of criticism about the Pirates franchise but just think about it, it made more of your money then even you would like to admit and it has one hell of a soundtrack!  Thank you Hans Zimmerman…just, thank you.

The Lord of the Rings – “Breaking of the Fellowship” (Theme Song)

Just a small thing, if you don’t like this series please exit my page.  Everyone else still here?  Excellent!  Those who are still here probably agree that the eagles just didn’t feel like going all the way to Mordor.

Jaws – Main Theme

It doesn’t matter if I’m in the ocean or relaxing in the bath if I hear this bloody score anywhere near water I look around!  My mother has never been able to see this movie all the way through.  It is just so epic though!  This is one of those songs that when you hear it, you get the hell out of the water!

Jurassic Park – “Journey to the Island”

Unlike Jaws which petrifies you, Jurassic Park’s “theme” just makes you all giddy inside.  Kind of like you’re going on a wild and incredible journey through a fun filled living dinosaur park that absolutely no one had a remotely good contingency plan for if anything should go wrong…because everything did go wrong.  But this score gives you such an overwhelming good feeling that it not only excites you, but stays if your head forever!


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