Soundtrack Throwback – Who’s That Girl? (1987)

In the 80’s, it was a musicians faux pas to have a career in which you never made a cameo appearance or star in your very own movie.  Elton and Tina did it with Tommy and Cyndi Lauper was in Vibes (if you never saw this movie I really suggest it!  It is rather good for a fun movie.  I was going to do a Throwback to it but it’s all score!) and Madonna was no damn different!  First she was in Desperately Seeking Susan and Shanghai Surprise and even a small cameo in Vision Quest but it was this movie that had her hands all over the soundtrack.  Half the tracks are Madonna songs and, believe it or not, a lot of people didn’t like it then.  Compared to her first two albums it was commercially sad, but then she released True Blue and everyone shut up.  With the nostalgia craze taking the world’s youth by the day-glow yellow leg warmers a resurgence of Madonna’s…better music is in hot demand.  Now, critics and fans are looking twice at this piece of 80’s gold!

As I said, half the album is Madonna and some pretty good Madonna I might add.  This was right before she went mainstream corporate and when she still rocked the second-hand chic look!  As for the rest of the soundtrack…I would call it pop filler.  There really isn’t anything that stands out and none of it really fits with the movie to be honest.  Hell, the only one I can even get into is the Michael Davidson jam “Turn It Up”!  Some critics believe the best track is the title song which made it to the top 100 and I would have to agree but I am an 80’s Madonna fan so I like the rest of the songs by her.  If you want to hear a piece of true art…check out the last track…it’s so bad taking about being bad…just beautiful!

1. “Who’s That Girl” (performed by Madonna)
2. “Causing a Commotion” (performed by Madonna)
3. “The Look of Love” (performed by Madonna)
4. “24 Hours” (performed by Duncan Faure)
5. “Step by Step” (performed by Club Nouveau)
6. “Turn It Up” (performed by Michael Davidson)
7. “Best Thing Ever” (performed by Scritti Politti)
8. “Can’t Stop” (performed by Madonna)
9. “El Coco Loco (So So Bad)” (performed by Coati Mundi)

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