Soundtrack Throwback – Spaceballs (1987)


You want to talk about a soundtrack that is hard as hell to find, try this one!  Before the global sensation known as the internet I had to dig through FAQ boards and trivia books in order to get the listing for Spaceballs!  And then to actually find this music before Youtube and the shameless pirating of the last 15 years, it took forever to get some of these songs!  But, today is a new age and the internet provides everything from used air-pump sneakers to hermaphroditic Korean mail order brides so it wasn’t hard to get the listing!  And this is the “soundtrack” not the score for the movie.  These have songs from the likes of Bon Jovi and Van Halen to Berlin.  You remember Berlin right?  Right?!  They were awesome but couldn’t make it out of the 80’s without destroying itself!  I miss Berlin.  And also when I say Bon Jovi, they are in the movie at the beginning but sadly not featured on the album itself.  No idea why…it was from Slippery When Wet…it’s called “Raise Your Hands”…check it out cause it’s really good.

Back to the actual soundtrack!  So Spaceballs’ soundtrack is actually not really anything to get really worked up about.  For an 80’s movie, the focus was more on the actual story than the soundtrack.  However, it does have some incrediblely memorable songs that most people don’t know to recognize them to Spaceballs.  For instance, the Van Halen jam “Good Enough” which was played in the diner.  You know!  That scene when the alien popped out of the stomach of the same dude from Alien!  I felt it fitting…kinda.  But the song that I wanted was the Berlin song “Heartstrings” which was played in the princesses getaway Mercedes.  it took me have of my teenage years to get my greedy hands on that song but I finally got it bitches!

  1. “Spaceballs Main Title Theme” by John Morris
  2. “My Heart Has a Mind of Its Own” by Jeffrey Osborne and Kim Carnes
  3. “Heartstrings” by Berlin
  4. “Spaceballs Love Theme” (Instrumental) by John Morris
  5. “The Winnebago Crashes”/”The Spaceballs Build Mega-Maid” by John Morris
  6. “Spaceballs” by The Spinners
  7. “Hot Together” by The Pointer Sisters
  8. “Good Enough” by Van Halen
  9. “Wanna Be Loved by You” by Ladyfire
  10. “Raise Your Hands” by Bon Jovi (Hidden track)

Listing from Wikipedia since that is the only damn place you can get most of this info from!


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