10 Songs You’re Guilty of Liking – The First Shaming

A few weeks ago I was sitting with older sister (only a year older so it’s not that big of a difference) with her iPod on shuffle.  My sister and I share a lot of interests but music has also been a flip of the coin.  She has Elvis, Rob Zombie, and U2 (to be eclectic) but then…well, she also likes songs that I wish the world would forget…or I could forget that I either like them once or still to this day.  I’m not saying that these are bad songs in any capacity.  Absolutely not!  They had to be good in some respects to get people to like them, right?  So it got me striking up a point that some people feel shouldn’t even be mentioned since music is all about personal taste and extreme Buddhist like tolerance.  So I started asking around at work, rock bars, homeless shelters and bugging my friends to tell me which songs they are actually ashamed of liking or once liked a long time ago.  Not only were some of these provided by my sister’s iPod and from her own memory but a great deal of the songs from this list came from hard core metal heads and cocaine sniffers on the park benches of the city.  So this is not a hate list just merely an observance from myself and others about what songs that are still secretly liked…behind closed doors.

Spice Girls – Wannabe

Yeah, this song came out when I was in middle school and it is just as annoying and catchy as the day my bubblegum chewing, pigtail curling, metallic lipstick wearing school mates smuggled it into class in their padded push-up bras.  There was a Spice Girl for everyone and this song got old really quick but I still find people who can karaoke this bitch all the way to London!  And you still couldn’t help but sing along.

Prince – Purple Rain

I still haven’t found out why so many people are ashamed of even hearing this song on the radio.  Why?  It’s Prince!  His Purple Majesty!  But I have heard many people think this is one of his weakest songs and they give a drool look when you finally hear it.  Weird to me.  I guess this is one of mine then.  For copyright purposes the video is not displayed…cause it’s Prince and I’m not going to jail!

Anything that Michael Jackson did

This is totally self explanatory but I feel I have to add my two cents.   I loved Michael Jackson though I have to admit not really giving a shit earlier in the 90’s but I suppose I missed his 70’s and 80’s self…you know, when he was the most amazing musician on the planet!  But to hear his stuff now most people love to listen but keep the volume low.

Eiffel 64 – Blue da bs dee

Repetition.  That’s what made this so damn fun.  But, man did it get stuck in your skull!  The computer animated music video was revolutionary at the time and the song personified 90’s technoeuphoria (yes, I made that word up).

Meredith Brooks – Bitch

Ugh!  Let it be known that power women ballads do nothing for me.  This is just one of the most…you know.  My sister loves this song but I personally hate when someone says that “You’re a bitch…like in the song”!  And to describe all the things that Meredith obviously sees in herself…it’s one you can sing to, but I’ll still choose another station if it plays.

Cher – If I Could Turn Back Time

There is a reason Family Guy parodied this bloody song using Meg! But I have to admit…it’s hard to hate Cher, man!

Justin Bieber – Baby

I’m not going here.  I am not one of those who liked this.  I’m just saying I know who you are and I don’t understand it.

Los del Rio – Macarena

Oh my baby Jesus in the arms St. Christopher!  If you were around in the last 10 years and have listened to the radio and had been to a Bar Mitsva or wedding you not only know the mumbled lyrics but the absurd dance that accompanies it.  Once a lot of people found out it was a fertility dance the hip swaying came to a crawl.

Rick Astley – Never Gonna You Up

Rick rolled bitches!  I have to admit that this is one of my all time favorite jams and to let everyone know, yes I knew he was a white British dude!  I’m way past explaining my musical tastes to anybody so I can just say this song is classic 80’s love!

Miley Cyrus – Party in the USA

Like Beiber…I’m not going here.  This too was on my sister’s iPod and an upchuck reflex happened to me.  Yet, I know a lot of people dig this song and it was a transition song for Miley from Hannah Montana to…twerk mistress of the stage.



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