Soundtrack Throwback – Legend (1986)

LegendAh Tangerine Dream.  Where in the hell would I be if not for your whimsy?  What sort of responsible person would I have grown into had you not lulled me with your pan pipes and tom foolery?  I am being totally serious mind you all!  I loved my childhood because it tried to get children to think of places that did not exist and to bastardize time periods with mythical creatures and a false serf system!  I’m a history buff so just think on it.  But that aside, I absolutely adored the movies of my youth (I’ll be touching on David Bowie laters) because they had so much bloody imagination!  Besides, there is no way you could have gotten anyone else to play the Devil so damn well as Tim Curry!

Tangerine Dream was…is a German band that was asked, along with Jerry Goldsmith, to make the soundtrack a little more appealing to the younger audience of girls who were obviously going to the movie to watch then almost unknown Tom Cruise.  You throw in some unicorns, fairies, demons, a swamp witch, a princess and the prince of darkness and you get 80’s fantasy cannon fodder!  This movie had everything and teenage girls lapped it up like shimmer tootsie roll lip gloss.  And I was, and still am, a sucker for this!

Note: The image above is of the Jerry Goldsmith album which was only available in Europe for quite some time….and it has a typo!  The Tangerine Dream additions were mainly for US audiences.

1. Is Your Love Enough – Bryan Ferry
2. Opening
3. Cottage
4. Unicorn Theme
5. Goblins [3:01]
6. Fairies [2:57]
7. Loved By The Sun – Jon Anderson
8. Blue Room
9. The Dance
10. Darkness
11. The Kitchen/Unicorn Theme (Reprise)




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