Soundtrack Throwback – Goonies (1985)


I don’t care want anybody says nowadays about Steven Spielberg.  The man was a damn genius!  Once upon a time he was the greatest director on the planet but nothing says that like his projects in the 80’s…those gooey, awesome, leg warmer wearing, MTV loving, the plot is so diabolically outrageous that it’s bound to sell out in theaters 80’s!  Thus we come to yet another stupendously over the top adventure, Goonies.

The movie had it all and it’s soundtrack had to have something catchy in it.  Something that just screamed 80’s and that was, of course, Cyndi Lauper!  Nothing, but Madonna, said second hand chic better than Cyndi.  For this soundtrack the music is actually mostly orchestral but the few random pop numbers in there that is sold on the ten song soundtrack really are in the movie…you just have to listen really close.  And trust me, it is the only soundtrack that you will find Teena Marie’s “14K”!  And just to let you know, it was re-released with some edited tracks to give it a listen!

  1. “The Goonies ‘R’ Good Enough” — Cyndi Lauper
  2. “Eight Arms to Hold You” — Goon Squad
  3. “Love Is Alive” — Philip Bailey
  4. “I Got Nothing” — The Bangles
  5. “14K” — Teena Marie
  6. “Wherever You’re Goin’ (It’s Alright)” — REO Speedwagon
  7. “She’s So Good to Me” — Luther Vandross
  8. “What a Thrill” — Cyndi Lauper
  9. “Save the Night” — Joseph Williams
  10. “Theme From the Goonies” — Dave Grusin

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