Soundtrack Throwback – Johnny Mnemonic (1995)

557afbc8You know those movies that scare the shit out of you not because they’re gory or frightening but because they are a dreadful reminder that the future could still be really fucked up?  I saw one of those once…it was this movie: Johnny Mnemonic!  I am now a firm believer that Keanu Reeves is trying to screw people up with weird messed up techno realities.  However really screwy this movie is and what it does to alter your perception of reality is sidetracked by it’s amazing used of some of the best underground alternative rock artists ever to be buried in the mediocrity of the 90’s!

If you want a clear picture of the movie I just have to say give it a shot.  We were at least creative two decades ago as opposed to some of the stuff we get today.  As for the soundtrack: you can’t go wrong with any soundtrack that features Stabbing Westward!  You just can’t! ::sigh::  I miss them.  Since the movie is very technologically oriented the bands that were used are both heavy and “techno-ey” (I can make up words!)  Just try not to compare this to The Matrix since that doesn’t come out for a few more years and music moves at the speed of lightning!

1. Lost – Stabbing Westward
2. AM Incident – Cop Shoot Cop
3. Complete – Helmet
4. Virus –KMFDM
5. Sad But True – Orbital
6. I See Through – Rollins Band
7. No More Love – God Lives Underwater
8. Alex Decends Into Hell For A Bottle Of Milk / Korova 1 – Bono and the Edge
9. I Love My Parents – Buckethead
10. Memory Johnny Ska / Yakuza Firefight – Black Rain
11. Scumgrief (Deep Dub Trauma Mix) – Fear Factory
12. Nothing – Stabbing Westward


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