Soundtrack Throwback – Highlander (1986)

highlander-soundtrackThe nerd in me just giggled uncontrollably!!  I grew up loving this movie so it was no small wonder to my shocked mind that the soundtrack is mostly songs from epic, iconic, spectacular rock band Queen!  As a matter of fact, there really isn’t a studio release of Highlander soundtrack but almost all the songs can be found on Queen’s “A Kind of Magic” album.The band even mentioned that the songs were written specifically for the moments in the film where they would be played.

The iconic song off this album is “Who Wants To Live Forever”, a touching and reality grabbing song about the sadness and loneliness of eternity.  There have been many remakes but no one can top Freddie!  The films other songs are both heavy and engaging setting the tone for the intense (I used that in an 80’s reference) fighting scenes.  The score for the movie is harder to find but if perhaps you’re ebay savvy enough you can dream.  And, in the movie, did anyone notice the Kurgan quoting Def Leppard?  Anyone?

1. One Vision2. A Kind Of Magic3. One Year Of Love4. Pain Is So Close To Pleasure5. Friends Will Be Friends6. Who Wants To Live Forever7. Gimme The Prize (Kurgan’s Theme)8. Don’t Lose Your Head9. Princes Of The Universe 10. A Kind Of ‘ A Kind Of Magic’11. Friends Will Be Friends Will Be Friends12. Forever

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