Cover Songs & Remakes Vol 5

On top of the fun special editions to Covers & Remakes, the groundbreaking saga of the remake continues with both horrifying and brutal consequences!  In this week’s episodes we came across yet another 5 awesome/wretched remakes in the wide universe of Reused Music hidden inside a Salito’s pizza box!  Yes, this place does exist!  It resides next to that pile of broken glass mentioned in Vol 2 nestled next to the now extinct record studio!  I hear that it is mercilessly ruled over by the deadly warlord Count Rodalpho, a mastermind with an iron fist and the goal of breaking the wills of hardworking postal carriers!  His plan: to pass out music sheets of popular songs to random lesser musicians with a hit or miss attitude.  Will he prevail?  Will we see the end of this reign of terror?  As long as this is still corporate America…nope!

So on to the list!

Walking in Memphis – Lonestar AND Cher

This Grammy winning song was performed originally by Marc Cohn in 1991.  I guess if you’re going to have a one hit wonder it had better win a Grammy!  Many performers have remade this Elvis referenced song but none more notably than Cher and a little heart breaker band called Lonestar.  I like both versions even though I think Cher’s rendition is a little poppy’s Cher, it’s supposed to be poppy!  Lonestar’s version is more steered to country but I think this song could easily go both ways so…original is still amazing.  These two aren’t bad though so give them a bit of time to grow on you.

Everything Counts – In Flames

::face palm::  Okay!  Just throwing this out now!  This is the work of the evil warlord Count Rodalpho!  I like hard core covers of Depeche Mode just as much as anyone but when that song is supposed to be subtle and not a clanking abuse to the original a small part of me dies knowing the warlord is winning.  My only positive note: at least you can understand the lyrics and even with all the grutal noises the song is still there.

Smooth Criminal – Alien Ant Farm

Here is a little jewel that I pray on my hands and knees I don’t have to explain who the original artist was!  I must admit that when this song came out I was hesitant to like it.  I am a purest of the original (you can’t go wrong with that amazing music video from Moonwalker) so liking the cover was slow going.  However, I quickly started really getting into it and since the Generation WTF still think this is an original song…the warlord smiles gleefully.

Word Up – Korn

Many of you know this song from both the original and the Korn version.  To be honest this version is very similar to Cameo’s it just has Jonathan Davis’ creepy voice to go with it.  Plus the video!  What in the hell were they thinking filming in such an arid climate after they mutated themselves into desert foxes and wild dogs!

Blue Monday – Orgy

One word: INCREDIBLE!  This was actually the song that made me an Orgy fan!  This New Order song has been remade by several artists including EMPUSA and a weird, but tolerable version by Flunk.  If I had a close second it would be Clan of Xymox cover since they had one of the most faithful.  It was, however, Orgy’s version which punched in the electric guitars while keeping with the electronic beats.

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