Soundtrack Throwback – Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (1989)

4560_462216Oh man!  I even remember when this movie came out!  It was pointless!  It was stupid!  It was so much damn fun!  Who in the hell created this marvelous franchise which Keanu Reeves would barely recover from and what happened to that other vampire from The Lost Boys?  Questions people!  It’s asking questions that we actually get to know this kind of pointless trivia stuff!

So in a nutshell: two high schoolers need to pass there history exam or they fail and military school and all that fun jazz.  Then comes time traveler Rufus, George Carlin, who gives them a time traveling phone booth (you heard right!) to collect historical figures and restore awesome balance to the future…and the soundtrack is so very 80’s tripping into the 90’s it makes the movie worth watching!  I personally love this movie if only for Carlin and Jane Wiedlin from the Go Go’s!  And the lingo…God the lingo!

  1. “Play with Me” by Extreme
  2. “The Boys and Girls Are Doing It” by Vital Signs
  3. “Not So Far Away” by Glen Burtnik
  4. “Dancing with a Gypsy” by Tora Tora
  5. “Father Time” by Shark Island
  6. “I Can’t Break Away” by Big Pig
  7. “Dangerous” by Shark Island
  8. “Walk Away” by Bricklin
  9. “In Time” by Robbi Robb
  10. “Two Heads Are Better Than One” by Power Tool (Aka the Rock Band – Nelson)

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