Soundtrack Throwback – Real Genius (1985)

Soundtrack - Real GeniusMy extreme appreciation for music stems from my love of many types of music.  International, rock, metal, pop, some limited country music and of course 80’s synth!  The 80’s was a breeding ground for the tolerance of new sounds and fashion expression.  Movies with very little plot line or movies that still hold strong as great adventure stories were pumped out a dime a dozen.  But no matter how bad the movie or how good, the soundtrack either helped it or made it epic.

Real Genius is a fun 80’s movie that I feel has truly been overlooked.  It was witty and the plot was slightly believable and it was Val Vilmer’s heyday!  The soundtrack has a lot of electro pop and post punk songs and includes famous names such as Tears for Fears, Don Henley and Bryan Adams.  My personal favorite song is by The Comsat Angels.  Even though it might be hard to get your hands on this album now, if you can find it the songs take you back to the age of leg warmers and hairspray new wave!

  1. “You Took Advantage of Me” performed by Carmen McRae
  2. “The Tuff Do What?” performed by Tonio K
  3. “Summertime Girls” performed by Y&T
  4. “The Pleasure Seekers” performed by The System
  5. “The Walls Came Down” performed by The Call
  6. “I’m Falling” performed by The Comsat Angels
  7. “One Night Love Affair” performed by Bryan Adams
  8. “All She Wants to Do Is Dance”, performed by Don Henley
  9. “Number One” performed by Chaz Jankel
  10. “You’re the Only Love” performed by Paul Hyde and the Payolas
  11. “Standing in Line” performed by The Textones
  12. “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” performed by Tears for Fears

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