Soundtrack Throwback – Queen of the Damned (2002)

5623_964152How could I not put this up?  Half the damn album was written by Jonathan Davis of Korn and the other half hosts some pretty awesome bands!  However, one small complaint: how many times can the Deftones use “Change” in a soundtrack?  There is a question I’d like to throw out there.  I know of a few but let me know what you guys hear.  Even though the movie has Davis’ vocals in the songs, due to contract problems the songs on the soundtrack were sung by various friends of Davis.

One of my good surprises was Jay Gordon from Orgy performed “Slept so Long”.  So this was a pretty okay movie even though I wish Anne Rice could have written the script.  I really wasn’t feeling it too much so…we’ll leave it there.  But the soundtrack totally made up for whatever the movie lacked for me.  But I did like that nod to Nosferatu…classy.

  1. Not Meant for Me – Wayne Static of Static-X
  2. Forsaken – David Draiman of Disturbed
  3. System – Chester Bennington of Linkin Park
  4. Change (In the House of Flies) – Deftones
  5. Redeemer – Marilyn Manson
  6. Dead Cell – Papa Roach
  7. Penetrate – Godhead
  8. Slept So Long – Jay Gordon of Orgy
  9. Down with the Sickness – Disturbed
  10. Cold – Static-X
  11. Headstrong – Earshot
  12. Body Crumbles – Dry Cell
  13. Excess – Tricky
  14. Before I’m Dead – Kidneythieves

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