Soundtrack Throwback – The Crow (1994)

The-Crow-scoreI would just like to get this out of the way now: if you’re going to cry than do it now.  If you don’t know why you should cry than I am going to briefly educate your ignorant little mind.  The Crow was Brandon Lee’s last movie…he died while making the movie from a stunt gun accident…I miss Brandon.  He was the son of Bruce Lee and if you don’t know who that is I doubt even a fully trained genius could help you!  Moving on.

This movie was exceptionally dark and was based off of the graphic novel of the same name.  This was the first soundtrack I myself actually purchased and I have loved it since.  Since the artist of the novel was heavily influenced by The Cure and other bands present on the soundtrack it is no surprise that many bands contributed new or remixed material just for the album.  The album, like the movie, is dark and sinister with some tracks haunting and others gritty.

The movie has since become a cult phenomenon and a constant memorial to a fallen actor who is very much missed.

  1. “Burn” – The Cure (Robert Smith, Simon Gallup, Boris Williams, Perry Bamonte)
  2. “Golgotha Tenement Blues” – Machines of Loving Grace (Scott Benzel, Mike Fisher, Stuart Kupers, Brad Kemp)
  3. “Big Empty” – Stone Temple Pilots (Dean DeLeo, Scott Weiland)
  4. “Dead Souls” – Nine Inch Nails (Joy Division)
  5. “Darkness (Of Greed)” – Rage Against the Machine (Rage Against the Machine)
  6. “Color Me Once” – Violent Femmes (Gordon Gano, Brian Ritchie)
  7. “Ghostrider” – Rollins Band (Suicide) (Martin Rev, Alan Vega)
  8. “Milktoast” (also known as “Milquetoast”) – Helmet (Page Nye Hamilton)
  9. “The Badge” – Pantera (Poison Idea)
  10. “Slip Slide Melting” – For Love Not Lisa (For Love Not Lisa)
  11. “After the Flesh” – My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult (Buzz McCoy, Groovie Mann)
  12. “Snakedriver” – The Jesus and Mary Chain (William Reid, Jim Reid)
  13. “Time Baby III” – Medicine (Jim Goodall, Brad Laner, Jim Putnam, Ed Ruscha, Beth Thompson)
  14. “It Can’t Rain All the Time” – Jane Siberry (Graeme Revell, Jane Siberry)

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