Cover Songs & Remakes – The Red Hot Chili Peppers Edition

So since my good friend, who also occasionally writes on The Underground, is a huge Chili Peppers fan.  I mean gigantic fan!  Since this is such a big band and they’ve had such an incredible impact that I feel I should throw in some of their best covers…the ones they did…that they covered… not other bands covering them.  I’ll leave the other covers side to Doll.  So without any other further explanation I give you some of the best Chili Peppers covers.

Love Rollercoaster (1996) – Original The Ohio Players (1975)

Teenager in Love (2002) – Original Dion and the Belmonts (1959)

Havana Affair (2011) – Original The Ramones (1976)

Tiny Dancer (1971) – Original Elton John (1971)

Why Don’t You Love Me (2013) – Original Hank Williams (1950)

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