Music Nostaglia – 5 Great Songs of ’09

Here it is !  The last year!  It has been a dream to make it to this day!  A dream I say!  Now I can focus of the other subj….what?  You mean…dammit!  I still have 4 years after this one!?  But, but…I don’t want to!  It was hard enough filtering through all these songs! ::sigh:: Well…at least I was able to get out of this decade.  Looking on the bright side and all.  So…welcome to the end of the first decade.

Poker Face – Lady Gaga

There she is again!  And she pops up a great deal over the next few years but this is the song that everyone will probably remember of hers in a thousand years when the future looks back on us and says “What the f*ck!”  It also stems a rumor that it’s not “poker face” she is saying.

Fireflies – Owl City

Finally!  I have come across a band that wasn’t tainted by Twilight!  Even though this band is in the category of soft rock I can still see how people got it.  It’s smooth, the lyrics are, dare I say it, beautiful and I don’t feel the need to stab myself with a infected pitchfork when I listen to them.  That is always a plus.

Uprising – Muse

There are times when I want to smash my skull against a serrated concrete wall every time I hear this band.  Know why?  One wretched word:Twilight!  I never knew one franchise could screw up so many lives!  Don’t get me wrong I was a fan of the books (until #4 and then it was just glorified fan fiction) but since Muse was used on the first soundtrack and every preteen in the country ate it up there is now a part of my dark little heart that has been ripped out!  Following that success you now hear them on the radio…pop radio!

Sound of Madness – Shinedown

Like I said before, I’m a big Shinedown fan and this is just a great song.  This song influenced the Carnival of Madness Tour and was just cool to get great rock bands together in a scary world of pop.

Use Somebody – Kinds of Leon

And we now come to another band who took a ride on the Twilight wake of evil.  No, they were never used on the soundtrack and yes, they are a good band but for some reason they tend to get thrown into the mix.  I think it’s because the two main actors were spotted at a concert of theirs that everyone was all like “Oh!  Edward and Bella like them” and then bought up the CD.  I mean, you can’t go wrong with that chain of reasoning right!?

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