Depeche Mode @ Tampa Amphitheater

DSC03411Based on my horrible track record of keeping up with my concert posts I wish to change that now!  I have had many things that I have had to take care of: saving a local Satanic clan from themselves, taking Myspace shots at the Smithsonian, happily not getting kicked out of the Smithsonian…stuff like that.  But I have managed to get to a few great concerts every once in a while.  And this one was no exception.  As a matter of fact, you probably need to listen to the entire Black Celebration album while reading this.  Ladies and gentlemen…for the second time in my life I present Depeche Mode.

For starters, I think this is going to be the shortest blog ever.  I don’t need to describe this concert nor do I even need to tell you how amazing they were.  These are things you should know in the bottoms of your deviously twisted little hearts.  To begin though, I would like to recommend that if you’ve never seen them live do it quick since time is a cruel taskmaster who steals musicians way to quickly!  But…I did manage to video record most of the concert so you guys can see for yourselves what horrible singers Depeche Mode fans really are and my crazy enthusiasm for them!

Pennington Underground Youtube Channel – Depeche Mode @ Tampa


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