Music Nostaglia – 5 Great Songs of ’06

So close!  So very close to the end!  So this is the year after I graduated college and I wish to clarify that I have almost no definitive memory of this time not because of liquor or celebratory functions…but simple cerebral shut down!  If you ever rolled through college in 12 semesters straight…then you know.  Music was the memory and I loved every minute!

Dani California – Red Hot Chili Peppers

Another awesome song by the Chili Peppers!  Even though I grew up with these guys they weren’t my kind of music when I was 10.  However!  I actually recognize them as a great band with catchy songs (all of which I know for by the way) and I love their history within the biz!  These guys totally deserve props for their contribution to alternative rock and music in general!

Miss Murder – AFI

One of my favorite songs from this band!  I found it sort of…homosexual…I guess you could say.  I don’t know.  Listen to the song…read the lyrics it might just be me.

SexyBack – Justin Timberlake

I guess you did.  I mean I find you good looking and all Justin but I’m kind of lost when it comes to your sexiness.  But when did sexy leave?  Did it go on vacation cause I’m pretty sure I still had Jared Leto…so I didn’t think it went anywhere.  But, hey!  Thanks for bringing that back…again.

Move Along – All American Rejects

I like it!  So…move along.

You and Me – Lifehouse

I can’t begin to express how I love Lifehouse!  Even though it’s sort of like soft rock I still totally dig them!

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