Music Nostaglia – 5 Great Songs of ’04

I’ve noticed that the ‘nostalgia’ is not too much ‘nostalgia’ anymore, is it?  We’re getting closer and closer to modern times now and the world of today offers choices all on its own!  What I mean is, we’re almost to today and yesterday is getting closer and…you know what?  It’s just that the list is almost done!  I only have a few more years and if you’re reading this I hope you were born within the last 10 years so you’d know most of these songs since most are still on the radio!  So on we go!

It’s My Life – No Doubt

It is your life Gwen Stefani!  It is!  So let’s just rub in that you married Gavin Rossdale and have lots of money and get to go to Tokyo all the time!  Let’s just keep rubbing that in!  This is a remake from the band Talk Talk (it was the 80’s…just shut up).

My Immortal – Evanescence

The song that everyone loved at first and then got really sick of Amy Lee’s shit!  It was almost like she knew that everyone liked her and then she continuously screwed over everyone with her attitude!  Sort of like Axl Rose only in a more devious female kind of way!  This song was the song off The Daredevil soundtrack. Not to say she’s not a good singer…but I’ve heard better really.  I saw her live at Rockville last year…I heard she got into a bitch fight with Lizzy Hale from Halestorm and Cristina Scabbia of Lucuna Coil!  I bet on the later!

Nobody – Skindred

Thank you!  Finally I got to a song that no one hears on the radio anymore but is the most kickass song from this year!

Vertigo – U2

I can’t go wrong with putting U2 on this list!  I couldn’t go wrong with it! Even if they can’t speak Spanish. It was nice to hear some new stuff from these guys back in 2004!

Time is Running Out – Muse

I remember when Muse was still an underground band in America.  Only a few people knew their stuff.  That all changed thanks to Twilight!  More on that retched series later (not to say the literary series was bad, but those movies!  Urgh!)


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