Music Nostaglia – 5 Great Songs of ’03

So we’re kinda into a little bit of a transitional phase right now.  We, America, are now at war and a lot of musicians go more towards the sentimental whereas some go straight to anger and dysfunction.  Alright in my book!  I think America continues to need a little dysfunction…we put that ‘fun’ in dysfunction (quote from old radio station that used to play good music but sold out because they couldn’t keep their traps shut about semen…just saying).

Unwell – Matchbox 20

A band that, sadly, did not survive the entire length of the new decade…but Rob Thomas did!  Too bad!  This band was actually really good and I myself shall miss them.  And who wouldn’t miss a band who can make delirium and madness a catchy tune!

I’m With You – Avril Lavigne

A sad song by the Canadian born singer but a much relieved departure from the Sk8er Boy girl!  A much, much relieved departure!  And congrats to the missus, Mrs. Chad Kroger!

Calling All Angels – Train

And this is one of those sentimental songs mentioned in the intro.  Yep!  I know!  There are a ton of these that popped up in the early decade!  But Train is fabulous and pulls off this calmed down diddy with a rock star look and feel!

Headstrong – Trapt

And now to the angry song!  I totally dig this song since this was a great big “fuck you!” at a time when most of us were feeling sheepish and small.  9/11 took a huge toll on America and I think this track was like the angry mans theme to stop taking shit and fight back with at least our courage intact.  At least that’s what it meant for me and my misfit band of freaks!

When I’m Gone – 3 Doors Down

And now a song that actually meant a great deal to me but not in 2003.  My father was activated Military in 2000, 2005, and 2009 for Kuwait and Iraq and this song was very sentimental to me and my family when he left.  So this ones kinda personal.

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