Music Nostaglia – 5 Great Songs of ’02

Year number 2…or 3 if you’re being technical!  There isn’t anything really exciting about this year actually.  I see it as a transitional year.  You won’t really see a lot of artists from the 90’s anymore and we’re just drifting through the entirely odd changes.  We’re seeing a hell of a lot of mainstream music take over Alternative radio and even easy listening mixing with rap…cool but it’s a hit or miss, mostly miss.  So let’s join this journey of experimentation and exploitation shall we!

Lose Yourself – Eminem

I actually kind of like Eminem but it was still a surprise that this single plus the movie it was made for reached the top of the charts.  And now that I think about it…I miss Brittany Murphy!

Enrique Inglesias – Escape

Still at the pique of the Latin Invasion and here is Enrique…with Anna Kournikova.  Enrique made it out it out of the 2000’s fairly well intact so I have to give props to him somehow.

Get The Party Started – Pink

And we have the introduction of Pink ladies and gentlemen!  She was one of those that I never thought I’d see after this music video but she stuck around!  I’m glad because I like this chick.  He songs are a mix between funny, sincere and serious.  Good job girl!

An Evening With El Diablo – Chevelle

A mystifying band to me since I have never been able to see them live.  I like them, but they are elusive.  This was the beginning to that love/hate relationship.

Capricorn (A Brand New Name) – 30 Seconds to Mars

Jared Leto!  OMG!  I will never get over this band!  When they first came out no one knew it was Jared!  Not a clue!  But he really did form an amazing band!


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