Cover Songs & Remakes Vol 4

So we’ve come to another volume of Cover Songs & Remakes!  I’ve obtained a fairly new one so hope you like it as much as I did!

Radioactive – Lindsey Stirling and Pentatonix

Ah, the world of technology and how fast it travels.  This is a very new song by Imagine Dragons which literally came out a few months ago.  I find this cover very creative and harmonized beautifully!  I stumbled upon it while on Youtube so I hope you guys get a kick out of it too!  Very nice cover!

Life on Mars – Anggun

Who wouldn’t cover David Bowie!  I mean…it’s David!  I actually stumbled upon this great find years ago on Anggun’s album Snow on the Sahara.  Last song on there actually.  Even though David is…well, David this song does him justice by keeping the lyrics in tact but giving it a very slow jazzy melody.

Here Comes The Rain Again – Hypnogaja

It’s kinda hard to compare to Annie Lennox since her voice is so sultry but I kinda dig this jam!  I mean, it starts off sort of faithful to the original but then rocks out during this first chorus.  His voice isn’t too bad either.  I can overlook the fact that the sound is not supposed to be hard rock, but I give them props for the effort.

One (The Loneliest Number) – Filter

Oh man!  One of those tunes that you’re not really sure that you heard correctly or if it was a joke!  I always sing this song when I make fun of something…I never thought Filter would do a remake of Three Dog Night!  And then to make it so…uncomfortable.

The Chain – Tantric

I love seeing hard core bands covering 70’s and 80’s songs!  I totally dig this song!  It carries the whole song but still makes it their own!  Great job to this Fleetwood Mac cover!


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