10 Awesome Gazette Songs

Before I go any further…I’m warning you all.  These are MY opinions and I love them!  I know that there might be far more awesome things out there, some Gazette songs that you feel outweigh the small selection I have set up, but please be considerate and calm.  I know, I’ve been in your shoes when people start doing their picks for best Depeche Mode songs (::gasp:: genius!  This rant has inspired my new blog!) and I get crazy when they “forget” to add my favorite songs.  So, with that said I have summed up out of multiple albums and singles a compilation of what I feel are some of the most awesome Gazette songs produced yet!  Again, if you feel the need to track me down to kill me with assorted lawn furniture and then dispose of my body with a blender from the 60’s that sounds like your mixing neutrons with antifreeze…then please give me a running start.

By the by, these are in no particular order so keep that in mind as you are sharpening your knives.

10. My Devil On The Bed

You have to admit, those songs that they sing “mostly” in English are not only awesome, but almost impossible to understand the first go through!  Yet the one word that everyone points out and it’s the one word your parents hear when they come into your room as your listening to and it is “masturbation”.  That’s right!  The one word that can be both awkward and hilarious all at the same time!  Still, this is one of my favorites. And the lyrics to this song on the video below are nowhere near what the lyrics are…sorry.

Because the video maker sucks…this is the link you get!

Real Lyrics…

9. Headache Man

“We are the cause of your headache,” is one of the official chorus lyrics.  I wonder what inspired this little diddly.  For starters, it wasn’t the fans!  They’ll talk about concert ear for months after the concert!

8. Gabriel on the Gallows

From the new album “Division” but it holds it’s own! And if you can read Spanish you can get the translation for this song on this video!

7.  Filth in the Beauty

Oh, man!  What can I say about this song except it’s fucking amazing!  Some k-pop fans like the opening but they are soon deceived!

6. Vortex

I’m not really going to explain why I like this song…just enjoy it!

5.  The Invisible Wall

Same explanation as Vortex…I just like it!

4.  Toguro

I don’t know why, I just love how Ruki sings this song!

3.  Derangement

Great new single from their album Division released about 7 months ago! They used the same dude from the Suicide Circus video too!

2.  Dim Scene

Nice and peaceful song…compared to, like, the rest of the album! If this is what people consider nice and peaceful. Ha!

1.  Suicide Circus

Believe it or not…this really wasn’t the first song I ever heard from this band.  I have come across many fans who had only heard this album because of this song.  Even if you hate carnie folk, you will love this video since it pairs with the music so well!


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