10 Amazing Video Game Themes

In the wide…wide world of gaming there is a cornicopia of beautiful music made specifically for games.  Epic, awesome and some of the best goddamn music that was ever written…EVER!  Soundtrack for games hold a prolific place in the hearts of the game’s lovers and gives that little tingle of excitement that only the raising of a brand new golden Chocobo could procure (if you know FFVII…you know!) The games I am posting are not the best or worst but they hold special memories.  Some new, some old…all awesome!  I’m not even going to explain…just enjoy the beauty of gaming!

Hikaru Utada – Passion – Kingdom Hearts II

Sephiroth – One Winged Angel – Final Fantasy VII

Sons of Skyrim – Skyrim

Breaking Benjamin – Blow Me Away – Halo

Koda Kumi – Real Emotion – Final Fantasy X-2

Slenderman Theme – Slender Mod

Zia’s Theme – Build That Wall – Bastian

Devil May Cry 3 Opening

Korobeiniki – Tetris

Theme Song – The Legend of Zelda

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