Music Nostaglia – 5 Great Songs of ’04

I’ve noticed that the ‘nostalgia’ is not too much ‘nostalgia’ anymore, is it?  We’re getting closer and closer to modern times now and the world of today offers choices all on its own!  What I mean is, we’re almost to today and yesterday is getting closer and…you know what?  It’s just that the list is almost done!  I only have a few more years and if you’re reading this I hope you were born within the last 10 years so you’d know most of these songs since most are still on the radio!  So on we go!

It’s My Life – No Doubt

It is your life Gwen Stefani!  It is!  So let’s just rub in that you married Gavin Rossdale and have lots of money and get to go to Tokyo all the time!  Let’s just keep rubbing that in!  This is a remake from the band Talk Talk (it was the 80’s…just shut up).

My Immortal – Evanescence

The song that everyone loved at first and then got really sick of Amy Lee’s shit!  It was almost like she knew that everyone liked her and then she continuously screwed over everyone with her attitude!  Sort of like Axl Rose only in a more devious female kind of way!  This song was the song off The Daredevil soundtrack. Not to say she’s not a good singer…but I’ve heard better really.  I saw her live at Rockville last year…I heard she got into a bitch fight with Lizzy Hale from Halestorm and Cristina Scabbia of Lucuna Coil!  I bet on the later!

Nobody – Skindred

Thank you!  Finally I got to a song that no one hears on the radio anymore but is the most kickass song from this year!

Vertigo – U2

I can’t go wrong with putting U2 on this list!  I couldn’t go wrong with it! Even if they can’t speak Spanish. It was nice to hear some new stuff from these guys back in 2004!

Time is Running Out – Muse

I remember when Muse was still an underground band in America.  Only a few people knew their stuff.  That all changed thanks to Twilight!  More on that retched series later (not to say the literary series was bad, but those movies!  Urgh!)


Eric Clapton @ Veterans Memorial Arena

DSC02704Simply put : AMAZING!  This was a concert I had been waiting 20 years for!  Ever since I was 10 and the Unplugged album came out!  I loved it!  It is so hard to describe in words how fantastic of a show this was for me.  So as with most of the concert blogs I do I shall deconstruct the essentials from the evening to give you the good, the bad, and the absolutely horrifying truth about the future the lies before all of us when we reach the age where time is not so kind and fortune only smiles on the select few.  This was my evening with Eric!

I would like to start by saying that this was a nice change from what I’m used to.  I’m accustomed to gauge wearing, tattooed encrusted, goth mesh clad freaks who salute the devil horns and ‘manscara’ (look it up, it rhymes with emo) at venues that make a bathroom at a Mexican bus station look sanitary.  This was a lot…a lot of middle aged hippies and their unwilling teenage designateds in cardigans and loafers.  The age gap is more than obvious!  So well mannered, so docile, so tame in comparison.  It was, to say the least, a relaxing evening…and then there was me screaming at the drunk groupie bitches in front of to get the hell down.  Oh!  But let me explain first!

This concert was actually a Christmas present that I gave my father who is a huge Clapton fan.  I got side stage seats just so my dad could enjoy it.  You see, my dad is retired military, Vietnam, Storm, Iraq…stuff like that, and he is still living with that mentality.  When we go out to dinner he has to sit facing the door just in case Charlie comes a-strolling along to finally get him.  So I sat him at the end of the row so he could make a break for it when those pesky Vietcong sniper laser (yes, this is the world I grew up in) target him between the eyes.

So the concert begins…all is calm and relatively inactive. The Wallflowers play a set which was nice to hear from then again.  Then Clapton comes on stage! He picks up his guitar and the man next to me starts hooting like an owl!  Most of the videos I got, by the way, have all these sounds in there kind of like a nature documentary.  So he plays his famous “Father’s Eyes” and his awesome blues riffs changing guitars at least every song…at least!  Then the acoustic guitar and a chair come out…and all hell breaks loose!

He starts in on “Tears and Heaven” and the woman in front of my felt the power of Christ compel her!  She felt the Holy Spirit and rose like a pentecostal priest with the demon taking over!  About that time is when my skills and talents from all the hard core metal concerts I’ve gone to kick into overdrive and I was about to liberate a glass beer bottle from its form against the side of her head!  Sadly, my father is a relatively nice man so we just had the woman’s keeper (aka he husband) calm her down.

Luckily, there was an enormous jumbo-tron screen right above us to we could see the front of the concert (side stage…remember) and that was when I got to see his fingers.  I never noticed this before (and this sparked another blog for later) but Clapton has beautiful fingers!  I mean, for a guitarist, just really lovely, beautiful fingers!  And he was fantastic live!  You know how you always think that a live performance won’t be as good (even though with Clapton you know his stuff is awesome!) but then you’re amazed when it was?  He was mesmerizing!

He then performed “Layla” and “Wonderful Tonight” then went back to the blues.  After an incredibly long set that introduced his band he performed the song everyone was waiting for…”Cocaine” and there then came back the evangelical ascension of the drunk woman in front!   Since the first possession of musical ecstasy she was a ‘tay in the wind’ (Nell reference) moving her arms back in forth feeling the music (I really was expecting this woman to have flowers in her hair and smell of patchouli) but as soon as “Cocaine” started she turned into a full blown hurricane of religious fervor!  I couldn’t blame her since the music was awesome…I just wanted to trip her down the stairs!

So, excluding the major display of biblical passion in front of me, I would totally see him a hundred times again!  He had a no bullshit way of performing.  Just him, his talented band, and lots of guitars.  No smoke, no pyrotechnics, no image movie playing in the background, no half naked dancers, and no crazy show antics.  Just music and a damn good performance!  He proves that he can hold his fan base and attract new comers as well.  I hope like hell he stays around for years since, just like Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper, and Richie Valens, when he goes it will be the day the music will truly die.  So see him if you get the chance and just listen.  There is a reason Jimi Hendrix looked up to him!  No devil horns required.

Fall Out Boy – The Phoenix

::gasp::  Just found this!  Had to share immediately!  I have been anticipating this album…it’s not out just yet but this is their new single that just made it to Youtube yesterday and then instantly made my day!  Awesome sauce!!  Check it out and vibe it guys!  I have a feeling this album is going to take off!  I am seriously considering the concert in Orlando in June now!  Damn it for being sold out…or is it?

Miyavi – Ahead of the Light

So most of you probably know that Miyavi came out with new material!  Yay for you guys!  I’m hoping he’ll come back to the states soon since we miss him…a lot!  I have to put up with Nikki Minaj until then…do you understand what that means!?  I am in desperate need of some good J-Rock dammit!  Anyway, I’ll report back in a few days after I go see the first greatest guitarist in the world…ERIC CLAPTON!! Jealous?  I knew you would be!  Until then check out another great song by the second greatest guitarist!  I’ll also post his new track listings!

Music Nostaglia – 5 Great Songs of ’03

So we’re kinda into a little bit of a transitional phase right now.  We, America, are now at war and a lot of musicians go more towards the sentimental whereas some go straight to anger and dysfunction.  Alright in my book!  I think America continues to need a little dysfunction…we put that ‘fun’ in dysfunction (quote from old radio station that used to play good music but sold out because they couldn’t keep their traps shut about semen…just saying).

Unwell – Matchbox 20

A band that, sadly, did not survive the entire length of the new decade…but Rob Thomas did!  Too bad!  This band was actually really good and I myself shall miss them.  And who wouldn’t miss a band who can make delirium and madness a catchy tune!

I’m With You – Avril Lavigne

A sad song by the Canadian born singer but a much relieved departure from the Sk8er Boy girl!  A much, much relieved departure!  And congrats to the missus, Mrs. Chad Kroger!

Calling All Angels – Train

And this is one of those sentimental songs mentioned in the intro.  Yep!  I know!  There are a ton of these that popped up in the early decade!  But Train is fabulous and pulls off this calmed down diddy with a rock star look and feel!

Headstrong – Trapt

And now to the angry song!  I totally dig this song since this was a great big “fuck you!” at a time when most of us were feeling sheepish and small.  9/11 took a huge toll on America and I think this track was like the angry mans theme to stop taking shit and fight back with at least our courage intact.  At least that’s what it meant for me and my misfit band of freaks!

When I’m Gone – 3 Doors Down

And now a song that actually meant a great deal to me but not in 2003.  My father was activated Military in 2000, 2005, and 2009 for Kuwait and Iraq and this song was very sentimental to me and my family when he left.  So this ones kinda personal.

Cover Songs & Remakes Vol 4

So we’ve come to another volume of Cover Songs & Remakes!  I’ve obtained a fairly new one so hope you like it as much as I did!

Radioactive – Lindsey Stirling and Pentatonix

Ah, the world of technology and how fast it travels.  This is a very new song by Imagine Dragons which literally came out a few months ago.  I find this cover very creative and harmonized beautifully!  I stumbled upon it while on Youtube so I hope you guys get a kick out of it too!  Very nice cover!

Life on Mars – Anggun

Who wouldn’t cover David Bowie!  I mean…it’s David!  I actually stumbled upon this great find years ago on Anggun’s album Snow on the Sahara.  Last song on there actually.  Even though David is…well, David this song does him justice by keeping the lyrics in tact but giving it a very slow jazzy melody.

Here Comes The Rain Again – Hypnogaja

It’s kinda hard to compare to Annie Lennox since her voice is so sultry but I kinda dig this jam!  I mean, it starts off sort of faithful to the original but then rocks out during this first chorus.  His voice isn’t too bad either.  I can overlook the fact that the sound is not supposed to be hard rock, but I give them props for the effort.

One (The Loneliest Number) – Filter

Oh man!  One of those tunes that you’re not really sure that you heard correctly or if it was a joke!  I always sing this song when I make fun of something…I never thought Filter would do a remake of Three Dog Night!  And then to make it so…uncomfortable.

The Chain – Tantric

I love seeing hard core bands covering 70’s and 80’s songs!  I totally dig this song!  It carries the whole song but still makes it their own!  Great job to this Fleetwood Mac cover!

Music Nostaglia – 5 Great Songs of ’02

Year number 2…or 3 if you’re being technical!  There isn’t anything really exciting about this year actually.  I see it as a transitional year.  You won’t really see a lot of artists from the 90’s anymore and we’re just drifting through the entirely odd changes.  We’re seeing a hell of a lot of mainstream music take over Alternative radio and even easy listening mixing with rap…cool but it’s a hit or miss, mostly miss.  So let’s join this journey of experimentation and exploitation shall we!

Lose Yourself – Eminem

I actually kind of like Eminem but it was still a surprise that this single plus the movie it was made for reached the top of the charts.  And now that I think about it…I miss Brittany Murphy!

Enrique Inglesias – Escape

Still at the pique of the Latin Invasion and here is Enrique…with Anna Kournikova.  Enrique made it out it out of the 2000’s fairly well intact so I have to give props to him somehow.

Get The Party Started – Pink

And we have the introduction of Pink ladies and gentlemen!  She was one of those that I never thought I’d see after this music video but she stuck around!  I’m glad because I like this chick.  He songs are a mix between funny, sincere and serious.  Good job girl!

An Evening With El Diablo – Chevelle

A mystifying band to me since I have never been able to see them live.  I like them, but they are elusive.  This was the beginning to that love/hate relationship.

Capricorn (A Brand New Name) – 30 Seconds to Mars

Jared Leto!  OMG!  I will never get over this band!  When they first came out no one knew it was Jared!  Not a clue!  But he really did form an amazing band!