2013 Rockville Lineup Band Playlist Day 1

If anyone in Freakville was wondering Welcome to Rockville 2013 in going to be a two day event on April 27 & 28 at Met Park.  But before you go, I have made a simple compilation of videos for the bands performing (the ones who had videos anyway).  On top of all the major bands performing there will also be smaller…local bands who shall win their way in a little later, something they did for the last two (which no one will know about or really care about). Since there are going to be a lot of bands and even more crazy ass band aids with misplaced tattoos and body rolls, this should be a great show!  So brush up on your rock lineup!  I’m particularly looking forward to Young Guns and Pop Evil!  I saw Halestorm and Three Days Grace at least two times before but I’m still really excited about this lineup!

Alice in Chains

Limp Bizkit

Stone Sour

Three Days Grace

Papa Roach

Bullet For My Valentine


Asking Alexandria

All That Remains

In This Moment

Escape the Fate

Pop Evil


Young Guns

Gemini Syndrome


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