Cover Songs & Remakes Vol 2

I know, I know…I actually haven’t technically made a cover songs and remakes vol. 1 yet but I have made cover song articles before so try not to give me any grief!  With all the fantastic music out there you do come across bands who cover famous bands (these are called tribute bands) and bands who just like to butcher the shit out of songs for the sick amusement of their lame-ass friends (these are called losers).  Over the years I have found that most of the time bands really try to own a song that they, unfortunately,  never really owned before.  This presents a problem to all those hardcore fans out there.  One band who comes to mind in Nirvana.  Great band, legendary actually, but to get a band to cover them appropriately without throwing both music and lyrics out the window and having it land in a pile of broken glass and week old Chinese take-out food is a rare gift.  We have a band like that in Jacksonville called Heart Shaped Box (props goes out to those who know where the name came from).  They don’t jazz up the riffs, they don’t get funky with the lyrics…they just sing Nirvana songs.

If only other bands could be that simple!  However, the ability for me to judge on good or bad music is ostentatious of me.  I don’t know what that chick down at the YMCA performing a Taiwanese dancing crane yoga position is in to.  She might like Kenny G for all I know.  Any opinions I give on this site are mine alone.  So the cover lists will not have a “greatest” or “I wish I could turn this band over to the North Korean government” category.  They will be just “Here are some cover songs…like ’em or don’t like ’em”!  And with that…here is Vol 2 (just accept it!) of the newly started Cover Songs & Remakes!

Don’t Dream It’s Over – Sixpence None the Richer

This is one of those aforementioned songs that actually sound as good as the original.  They kept the same lyrics and the same music so this is an authentic remake (can I even use that term..authentic?).  Originally done by Crowded House in the 80’s and has been covered numerous times before all of which might make the list so keep checking!  I really need to check on the Faith No More version!

All Along The Watchtower – Jimi Hendrix

Astonished!  No more so than myself!  When looking on the Billboards for my Music Nostalgia lists I saw that this song was originally done by Bob Dylan.  This really shouldn’t have surprised me since everything touched in the 60’s was touched by Bob Dylan!  However, I am the bearer of the heartbreak to inform all you hippie gentles and gents that the song was in fact not Jimi’s.  But I don’t have any hard feelings or dark clouds hanging over my head!  It’s a great song and Jimi really did make it his own!  You can’t ask for anything more genius then that!

Gimme All Your Lovin’ – Filter

Since this band will be playing at Welcome to Rockville 2013 I figured I’d brush up!  What I found was some great cover songs that the band has performed!  Most everyone knows this song originally performed by the great ZZ Top and Filter nails this one!  They make it much harder than the ZZ’s version but you can still rock out to it!

Electric Avenue – Skindred

They kept the accent and that was the important thing!  I like it.  They stuck with Eddy Grant’s original lyrics and just amplified the music!  I dig these kinds of remakes from bands whom you never guessed would like this type of music.

Wicked Game – HIM

Dubbed the heavy metal love band, HIM writes some of the best metal love ballads!  So it is no surprise that this band covered Chris Issac.  This is one of the sexiest songs ever written so it totally fits into this niche.  Though HIM picked up the pace with the song, they still keep the essence of the music.


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