Heart Inducted Into R&R Hall Of Fame


It always seems like the best bands take so long to get inducted into the legendary Rock & Roll Hall of Fame these days. And what’s even more surprising is most inductees don’t even have the musical chops that others have!  Heart is not a surprise to me but it was surprising that the R&R committee took their sweet time getting them in!

Heart is a spectacular rock band who started in the 70’s with Barracuda and Crazy on You, but it’s their album simply “Heart” which brought on the comeback! With top 10 hits like Never, These Dreams, and What About Love, Heart kicked their careers straight in the ass and brought back Ann and Nancy!

Oh well, they’re in there now!  Below is the insanely cynical and hate-filled Yahoo article which I had to search for in order to get this info…::sigh:: media Nazi, why must you hide all fun articles behind Honey Boo Boo?  I really don’t like this particular article (as a matter of fact I hate it) because I think it’s sexist and demeaning to all musicians but I got a good laugh out of it.  When I think of rock & roll, I think of rock bands…not political motivations!  If that be the case someone better get Bob Dylan on the phone right now and let him have a say!  But it at least informed me that Heart was inducted…I guess some good came out of it!

Heart — Yet Another Inductee Into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame


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