Music Nostalgia – 5 Great Songs of ’00

Alright everyone!  I have fully recovered from my deep dive into the 90’s!  I’ve patched those emotional knife wounds and I think I’m ready to move on.  So…as most of you who are reading this at least grew up in this next decade of music I feel that I am going to be stepping on even more toes than last decade!  This was the decade of the MP3 download, the camera cell phone, the fortunate end of Chumbawumba, and the decade I discovered, thanks to the newly expanded internet, my impressive collection of Japanese Rock and Metal music!  But this is just the start!  This is Y2K baby!  The year dozens of Nike wearing holy rollers drank the Cool Aid to join the mother-ship, the year just before the Backstreet Boys finally cracked, and the age of the Thong Song!  ::shivers::  So let’s get this crazy wheel turning!  These are 5 great songs of 2000!

Blue (Da Ba Dee) – Eiffel 65

Anyone remember this song?  Huh?  It was so big and the start of individual 3D animation programs!  And once you hear it again it will get stuck in your head…forever!

Everything You Want – Vertical Horizon

I find this song good but kind of emo at the same time.  Am I allowed to do that?  I don’t know, you cares.  This song is the one that a boyfriend sings to her girl which is normally the cause of the break-up and I have seen so many tragedies happen with this song involved!  Great lyrics though!  One thing about the beginning of the 2000’s is they had some wonderful moments for lyricism!

Higher – Creed

I know that everyone loved this song…until they found out he was talking about Jesus.  So what?!  It’s a great song!  I might not agree with his religious points of view but they make good music.  If you are for religious tolerance you can be tolerate religious rock bands!  Judging makes you kind of look like an asshole.

Kryptonite –  3 Doors Down

This song is so awesome they still play this on constant rotation now!  Again, it;s the lyrics that make this song and 3 Doors Down do well with all their lyrics.  This song also came out around the same time as Smallville so it shows the importance of comic book figures in every aspect of the entertainment world.

Desert Rose – Sting

Okay, I had to put an 80’s icon on my list eventually…out of the 80’s!  Sting is one of the sole survivors from The Police and even though he’s doing yoga and other healthy yuppie stuff I’m glad he does since he looks amazing for his age!  This song is a mingling of the Middle Eastern techno mixed with…well, Sting!

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