New Dpeche Mode Single!! “Heaven”

I know it’s a bit late for this announcement.  I had been kidnapped by zombie breeders hell bent on spawning an army or superhuman…you know what, whatever I can make you believe is why I haven’t been here!  However, with the zombie abduction aside…Depeche Mode is back!  I’ve been waiting for it…I hope you guys have been waiting for it…and the waiting is over!  Well, almost.

The new single titled “Heaven” was released a few days ago on Depeche Mode’s facebook account (if you’re not a fan yet then go sign up!) with the promise of being a throwback to the old days.  I’m not too sure about the throwback but it could very well turn out like Songs of Faith and Devotion for me…you have to listen for awhile before the awesome switch is turned on in your brain.  So give it a shot and tell me what you think!

Oh!  By the by.  The actual album won’t be out until March!  Enjoy the single till then!

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