Burn Season @ The New Brewsters Megaplex

Hey everyone!  It’s been awhile since I posted about a concert but fear not…the wait will not be a disappointment!  I would love to regale you all with not only one of the longest nights of my mortal and young life but also to tell you of one of the best concerts I’ve been to the last few months.  I want to elaborate on the human atrocities I was witnessed to in a six hour period at one of the most awkward rock venues I have ever been in.  But most importantly, I want to tell you all how important it is for you all to hear this band!  Sadly there is no visual evidence of these events but that’s alright…I think I can paint a pretty picture.

To start…this is Freakville!  My hometown of Jacksonville is home to over a million steel sucking, skull tattooed, scantly clad semi attractive people who love to get their freak out at the rock bars and concert halls of this underrated vagabond city.  So when you go to a concert of any rock quality at any venue you must not only expect it but prepare yourself for the shear laughable horror that presents itself in the form of fish nets and bulbous protruding flesh.  Allow me to deconstruct the evening but first a very brief history of the concert venue that is Brewsters Pit.

Ah Brewster’s.  What a wonderful shank producing cesspool you were once.  A small place stuck in a dilapidated strip mall with a chair outside that was once used as a weapon against a Neo-Nazi and his friends.  You sold out son!  You bought out the once posh hip hop club Plush, along with the other stages Leopard Lounge and Club Rain and settled your twisted rotten roots under the foundation of such an establishment!   It was odd to walk inside listening to metal music, loud and gruntled, with a gentle wall of rain caressing my ears between sets with purple velvet couches on which nestled the disease ridden metal heads sporting their Pantera shirts and crusted dreds.  Classy.

Burn Season - Burn SeasonSo now the fun!  I went with my good friends Lisa and Leola since they were old fans of Burn Season and I was still green.  I had heard them before but I was not proficient…I’m still not but I do love their stuff!  The deal with this band is they’re sort of like those elusive gold unicorns…from what I understand they only play as Burn Season once a year, mostly around Christmas time (I told you…it’s been a while since I posted) so you only get one shot to see them.  Lisa is the one of us who goes to concerts like I have my picture taken…all the time!  She knows everyone when we go to concerts but besides that we mainly hung out laughing hysterically during our people watching.  For those who don’t know, people watching is seriously 35% of why I go to concerts!

We arrived when the posters told us to…and it was such a lie!  A damnable lie!  They claimed Burn Season would be on at 8pm…oh hell no!  It was closer to midnight!  So we had to wait for over 5 hours in a smoke-filled hall with about 200 of Freakville’s finest!  I swear on this…there was a women there who looked like she was 5 years old!  5 dammit!  And she was dressed like a hooker…a bustier, hooker heels, with pink hair smoking and drinking!  This was one of the most disturbing things any of us had seen yet!  And she was sweet on Leola!  ::shiver::  She spent the rest of the night hiding behind doors and fat people to avoid the oddly placed midget.  The rest of my night was spent gleefully tormenting her about this.

The other bands that were there (one every 25 minutes!) weren’t horrible but I’m glad I don’t have to listen to them again…not bad though just…crazy.  There was one band with their own street crew and a battle flag.  I think I even saw one present a baby (yes, a real one!) to the lead singer.  Happily it was the fans who were crazy not the bands!  After a few hours of it I was weary…oh so weary.  And angry for not bringing my camera!

Fast-forward 5 1/2 hours to the Burn Season concert!  Though the crowd wasn’t big, it was enthusiastic!  We stayed to the side to let the mosh pit fight like Battle Royale.  Now also by this time another Brewsters concert was letting out, Asking Alexandria, and so those groupies found their way into Burn Season!  Scene kids meshing with metal bangers…a beautiful symphony of chaos ensued!  I began wondering if most of those guys were Marines seeing how they took down a man with a thumb to the throat!  But the band was undeterred and played a great show.  I don’t really think the venue was made for rock music but they still killed it!  I think I can find a video of my favorite song from the show…let me see.

Yep, I’m awesome!  Again, great band!  I certainly won’t forget the first time I saw them live!  Can’t wait till the next show!  Next time they can hopefully advertise better than “Hey..we have a concert.” on like four posters taped with chewing gum outside the Kitten Club and pole exercise classroom!


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