2013 Rockville Lineup Band Playlist Day 1

If anyone in Freakville was wondering Welcome to Rockville 2013 in going to be a two day event on April 27 & 28 at Met Park.  But before you go, I have made a simple compilation of videos for the bands performing (the ones who had videos anyway).  On top of all the major bands performing there will also be smaller…local bands who shall win their way in a little later, something they did for the last two (which no one will know about or really care about). Since there are going to be a lot of bands and even more crazy ass band aids with misplaced tattoos and body rolls, this should be a great show!  So brush up on your rock lineup!  I’m particularly looking forward to Young Guns and Pop Evil!  I saw Halestorm and Three Days Grace at least two times before but I’m still really excited about this lineup!

Alice in Chains

Limp Bizkit

Stone Sour

Three Days Grace

Papa Roach

Bullet For My Valentine


Asking Alexandria

All That Remains

In This Moment

Escape the Fate

Pop Evil


Young Guns

Gemini Syndrome


Cover Songs & Remakes Vol 2

I know, I know…I actually haven’t technically made a cover songs and remakes vol. 1 yet but I have made cover song articles before so try not to give me any grief!  With all the fantastic music out there you do come across bands who cover famous bands (these are called tribute bands) and bands who just like to butcher the shit out of songs for the sick amusement of their lame-ass friends (these are called losers).  Over the years I have found that most of the time bands really try to own a song that they, unfortunately,  never really owned before.  This presents a problem to all those hardcore fans out there.  One band who comes to mind in Nirvana.  Great band, legendary actually, but to get a band to cover them appropriately without throwing both music and lyrics out the window and having it land in a pile of broken glass and week old Chinese take-out food is a rare gift.  We have a band like that in Jacksonville called Heart Shaped Box (props goes out to those who know where the name came from).  They don’t jazz up the riffs, they don’t get funky with the lyrics…they just sing Nirvana songs.

If only other bands could be that simple!  However, the ability for me to judge on good or bad music is ostentatious of me.  I don’t know what that chick down at the YMCA performing a Taiwanese dancing crane yoga position is in to.  She might like Kenny G for all I know.  Any opinions I give on this site are mine alone.  So the cover lists will not have a “greatest” or “I wish I could turn this band over to the North Korean government” category.  They will be just “Here are some cover songs…like ’em or don’t like ’em”!  And with that…here is Vol 2 (just accept it!) of the newly started Cover Songs & Remakes!

Don’t Dream It’s Over – Sixpence None the Richer

This is one of those aforementioned songs that actually sound as good as the original.  They kept the same lyrics and the same music so this is an authentic remake (can I even use that term..authentic?).  Originally done by Crowded House in the 80’s and has been covered numerous times before all of which might make the list so keep checking!  I really need to check on the Faith No More version!

All Along The Watchtower – Jimi Hendrix

Astonished!  No more so than myself!  When looking on the Billboards for my Music Nostalgia lists I saw that this song was originally done by Bob Dylan.  This really shouldn’t have surprised me since everything touched in the 60’s was touched by Bob Dylan!  However, I am the bearer of the heartbreak to inform all you hippie gentles and gents that the song was in fact not Jimi’s.  But I don’t have any hard feelings or dark clouds hanging over my head!  It’s a great song and Jimi really did make it his own!  You can’t ask for anything more genius then that!

Gimme All Your Lovin’ – Filter

Since this band will be playing at Welcome to Rockville 2013 I figured I’d brush up!  What I found was some great cover songs that the band has performed!  Most everyone knows this song originally performed by the great ZZ Top and Filter nails this one!  They make it much harder than the ZZ’s version but you can still rock out to it!

Electric Avenue – Skindred

They kept the accent and that was the important thing!  I like it.  They stuck with Eddy Grant’s original lyrics and just amplified the music!  I dig these kinds of remakes from bands whom you never guessed would like this type of music.

Wicked Game – HIM

Dubbed the heavy metal love band, HIM writes some of the best metal love ballads!  So it is no surprise that this band covered Chris Issac.  This is one of the sexiest songs ever written so it totally fits into this niche.  Though HIM picked up the pace with the song, they still keep the essence of the music.

Heart Inducted Into R&R Hall Of Fame


It always seems like the best bands take so long to get inducted into the legendary Rock & Roll Hall of Fame these days. And what’s even more surprising is most inductees don’t even have the musical chops that others have!  Heart is not a surprise to me but it was surprising that the R&R committee took their sweet time getting them in!

Heart is a spectacular rock band who started in the 70’s with Barracuda and Crazy on You, but it’s their album simply “Heart” which brought on the comeback! With top 10 hits like Never, These Dreams, and What About Love, Heart kicked their careers straight in the ass and brought back Ann and Nancy!

Oh well, they’re in there now!  Below is the insanely cynical and hate-filled Yahoo article which I had to search for in order to get this info…::sigh:: media Nazi, why must you hide all fun articles behind Honey Boo Boo?  I really don’t like this particular article (as a matter of fact I hate it) because I think it’s sexist and demeaning to all musicians but I got a good laugh out of it.  When I think of rock & roll, I think of rock bands…not political motivations!  If that be the case someone better get Bob Dylan on the phone right now and let him have a say!  But it at least informed me that Heart was inducted…I guess some good came out of it!

Heart — Yet Another Inductee Into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame


10 Memorable Video Game Soundtracks (vol. 1)

Video Game Music

If you are alive today chances are you have played a video game of some sort, somewhere, sometime!  For me, I grew up with in the age of Nintendo.  They were sort of like the best babysitters parents of the 80’s and 90’s ever had!  And to this day I recognize the Super Mario Bros. soundtrack muffled down a hallway!  Have you ever watched The Wizard with Fred Savage and got jealous that you couldn’t afford the power glove or that years later you laughed at the competition game being Super Mario Bros. 3?!  However, years later the gaming industry wised up and started coming up with not only better, far more interesting games but they had spectacular soundtracks and sound effects that you now use as ringtones and alerts on your smart phones!  And there are so many out there!  This first list is compiled of ones that are off the top of my head really.  If anyone has any suggestions please comment below I would love to hear from you guys!


This soundtrack almost reminds me of an anime soundtrack and the game sort of runs like one too!  It sounds very middle eastern (if I may) and has that nice dancy feel on top of that all the music seems to be in English!  And actually has lyrics as opposed to background tracks and OST.   I can totally groove out to this stuff!

Chrono Cross

Another suggestion from a friend.  I’m not entirely familiar with Chrono Cross but I have watched my friends play it…a lot!  When you have gaming friends you know what I’m talking about!  But this is old school type stuff.  But I like it because it makes me think of my friends when I listen.  All of us lazily sprawled on the floor with soda and junk food surrounding us…I miss not being an adult sometimes!

Dead Space

::shivers::  Awesome.  That was a shiver of awesome!  I have to give props to Markiplier for playing the Let’s Play series with the Dead Space games!  He made it far less disturbing and brought about a fascination for the game.  They have the full soundtrack on YouTube if you would like to put it on.  Of course the first few minutes is of a wonderful rendition of “Twinkle, Twinkle” and if you ever play Dead Space or see someone else play it…that kind of freaks you out.

Legend of Zelda

Oh Zelda.  How your main character is mistaken for Zelda when in reality his name was Link.  This game is similar in popularity to Mario and should therefore be treated with the same awesome respect.  However, I find these games more engaging and the music much more…adventurous I suppose.

Final Fantasy (any of them)

For time purposes I will just emphasize on FFVII since that one is by far my absolute favorite game of all time!  It has my favorite character, Sephiroth (who has the most awesome villain theme in the history of video games!) and basically kicked off PlayStation’s Final Fantasy craze.  But truly you can take your pick of the lot!  They are all so amazing.

Kingdom Hearts

I’m going to give props to the first game in this list.  This game set records and has left gamers anticipating the next installment since it is about going on 8 years since the last full game release!  Hikaru Utada did the opening so and a softer version for the end credits.  All in all, even the little diddies of Disney games are enjoyable and bring back a bit of nostalgia to me!

Devil May Cry IV

This one is actually a suggestion from Leola. My first recollection of this game came from a commercial in which (for some unknown reason) a woman beat the hell out of boyfriend with a bouquet of roses! And as you might except the music is very choir like and funky vampire? Did I just say that?! But the soundtrack really does kick ass! Does anyone else kind of hear Rammstein!


Hell yeah!  I love Castlevania!  Not only is this an incredibly engaging game but the music is just classic! Two words: kick ass! This is the original bad ass vampire soundtrack! I’m even a fan of the original Nintendo tracks! Check out these tracks and the other playlists on the annotations below the video on YouTube.


Two words: kick ass!  This game is a multi-BILLION  dollar industry!  Whole lives have been lost for this game…real ones!  So they had to make this soundtrack awesome as hell!  I’m even including Breaking Benjamin’s song “Blow Me Away” on the next list of best theme songs!  It really is a beautiful soundtrack!  Go check it out!

Super Mario Bros.

Really?  I talked about this all up in the intro paragraph and you didn’t think I would put it up?!  Silly you!  Mario was the guy that kind of started it all.  I know there had been video characters in the early 80’s (Alex Kidd comes to mind) but when this game came out it was fun, addictive, and damn catchy!  It has been emulated, parodied, and mocked.  He has his own movie (which isn’t saying much because so does Double Dragon) but it’s his music that, when it plays, is hummed and rocked out to by Generation X and Y!

Imagine Dragons New Single “Radioactive”

New single from Imagine Dragons! Never heard of them?  Of course you may not have!  This band has had recent fame in my hometown at The Big Ticket, a major band festival which I did not end up going to.  An nnfortunate and a wasted opportunity – however I have an amazing talent that is far more impressive than your older sister’s “peanut butter and belly” trick she performed at her BFF’s 18th birthday.  I regroup beautifully!  So alright, I am impressed with this bands new single which has been seeing some major airplay on at least two other stations city wide!  I am hoping for other great music from these guys…until then I love this video!  Are those Muppets I see?

Fall Out Boy New Single “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light ‘Em Up)”

Damn, that is one hell of a name! I knew that Fall Out Boy would come out with another great single! This has recently see airplay so it won’t be long until it is everywhere!  This song rocks!  I dig the video too!  I’m a pyro so if I had a flamethrower I would utilize that to my best advantage!  This short article about the new single is pretty helpful too!

5 Great Christian Rock Bands

I know…I really, really know that Christian rock bands catch a lot of flack for their lyrics and holy roller attitudes but in all fairness people love their music.  That is to say that everyone loves their music…until they find out that Jesus is their gang leader.  First off I would like to say that whatever floats your musical boat is alright.  You will eventually find other people willing to float along with you.  Even though personally I’m not a huge fan of Christian rock I still think it needs at least some kind of recognition for at least standing their ground.  And believe it or not, some of the best rock bands out there started out as these evangelical crusaders of the cross!  Take Halestorm for example.  Ever see some of their earlier lives?  Yeah…let’s just say the power of Christ compelled them!


I was fortunate enough to see Skillet at Welcome to Rockville in 2012!  I have been aware of their music for a while and I do like many songs by them.  “Monster” is a great song, “Comatose” and “Falling in the Black” are also noteworthy.  So far, Skillet has been a wonderful find from my later college days!

Decyfer Down

Similar to Skillet but with a harder edge, I totally dig this band!  This band is so close to mainstream they can taste it and they were in my hometown not too long ago!  “Fading” and “Crash” are two very great rock songs!  I highly recommend Decyfer Down to you guys!


Yep, couldn’t get away without putting them on this list!  When mentioning those bands whom everyone loved until they found out they were Christian rock…I was thinking of Creed.  They hit it mainstream big with their singles “One” and “Higher” but hit that proverbial rock in the road when doing a live and Scott Stapp outwardly demonstrated bizarre antics on stage.  After a commitment to sobriety the band is touring again and hopefully people move beyond that “Christian rock phobia”!


And enter the “helicopter for God”!  The lead singer (at the time I saw them in 2010) Lacey Sturm, would spin around while belting out the song “All Around Me”!  Hence the clever nickname we gave her.  This band is pretty mainstream nowadays even with a new singer so you have probably heard this band once before as well.

Sixpence None The Richer

Surprised?  So am I!  If you listened to mainstream radio at all in the in 2000’s than you have totally heard this band!  They’re not really “rock” per se but they have seen mainstream radio which is more than I can say for others.  They became huge with their single “Kiss Me” and they also did a fabulous version of “Don’t Dream It’s Over” by Crowded House! I was shocked to know they have strong ties to Christian Rock!

So for all you holy rock bashers out there…grow the fuck up!  Music is music bitches!  If you want peole to get the music you listen to, then get what everyone else is getting too!  The world is far too awesome to close your ears along with your mind!