10 Animated Music Videos

Back in the day music videos were a fabulous form of musical expression.  Sometimes the artist saw a song in a different way than how their fans saw it.  You got your Madonna videos (Bedtime Stories) that left you in awe…while scratching your head with a butcher knife.  Sometimes, there were things that the artist really couldn’t express with actors and stage sets so they turned to the drawing board…literally.  Sometimes the end result was a sparkling few into a musician’s mind that made you second guess a face to face meeting and put the words “restraining order” into your vocabulary.  So let’s take a creepy peek into the minds of both musician and the artists that bring their dreams, nightmares, fantasies, and bondage fetishes to life.

10. Studio Killers – Ode To The Bouncer

Okay, saw this one and thought the animation was very creative…but it’s all about getting into a night club and having to “persuade” the bouncer to let you in.  And it’s a catchy song…but a weird premise and there is a skull involved…

9. Gorillaz – 19 2000

I have to add these guys in here since their whole persona is animated!  It was a brilliant concept and a damn nice “side” project if you ask me.

8.DyE – Fantasy

The phrase WTF? (only in longer less appropriate form) came out about three dozen times in this really…really fucked up video!  I mean tentacle and testicle chomping fucked up!  Go ahead…you’re old enough to not sleep anymore…or go into a pool for a little late night nookie.

7.The Dears – 22 The Death Of All The Romance

Such a sad and wasteful song.  I like teddy bears so this was a really heart wrenching video.  And then I saw the world had been cut in half and I thought to myself..”Ah the future.  What a grim and dismal place that’s going to be.”

5.Unknown Russian Song

To be honest…I have no clue what song this is!  Truly! It’s Russian…that much I got, but after that…

4.Meiko – Leave the Lights On

I just thought this was a cool song.

3.A-HA – Take On Me

A classic!  I especially liked the version Family Guy did with Chris in the grocery store and this video.  Fucking brilliant!

2.Dire Straits – Money For Nothing

One of the first computer animated videos!  This just demonstrated what everyone thought was cool in the 80’s…and how I miss all of those things!

1. Daft Punk – One More Time

I am not really that big of a Daft Punk fan but I had to throw this video in because the Japanese made a whole movie out of this album!  A whole movie!  That is the longest animated music video yet!

Bonus:  Pink Floyd’s The Wall

That’s right!  The whole movie is nothing but a huge music video but the most memorable scene was with the judge speaking with his anus…classic!


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