Top 10 Horror Inspired Music Videos

The sad thing is…you already know what’s going to be #1!  I feel I should inform all of you dear readers that though I love Halloween…I’m scared shitless of horror!  I hate gore (though funny when done right aka Evil Dead) it just puts a disconcerting smile on my face knowing that there are some sick fucks out there who get off on dismemberment and fecal projections that most forensic scientists step back going “Wow!  Now that is messed up!”.  Yeah it’s Hollywood, yeah I know it’s fake.  That’s not the deal.  The deal is people actually being fascinated and then lethargic at the sight of some of this stuff!  Have you seen Texas Chainsaw Massacre?  Lots of people have.  Did you know that it’s based on a real story?  Yeah.  The real story isn’t nearly as fucked up as the movie, but the fact that it was BASED ON A REAL STORY!  Get that through first then try to enjoy it!

However, I do love vintage horror movies.  I say the less you see the more disturbing it really is.  Old school horror frightened you by letting your imagination take over.  Nowadays, you don’t need an imagination, but instead an ice pick to help poke your eyes out to take the memory away.  So let’s move on the the top 10 horror inspired music videos!  These are my picks people!  Videos that both fascinated…and frightened the hell out of me!  let it be known that I’m not trying to gross you out merely show a few wonderfully creepy music videos.

10.  Forsaken – Queen of the Damned (Jonathon Davis of KORN)

When this soundtrack came out I loved it!  This was a mock music video was within the movie Queen of the Damned.  If you noticed, it’s based on the old school horror movies such as Nosferatu and has many elements of that era…mixed with a lot of bad ass and awesome!

9. Disconnected – Keane

I’m not a huge Keane fan, but I could live with this.  I thought this video was done very well and had some great elements in it.

8.Somebody’s Watching Me – Rockwell

The only thing this poor bastard had going for him was Michael Jackson’s background vocals! The video sounds old school horror techno? I guess if that’s how you want to take it. As you watch it you can sympathize when you’re in the shower and you feel eyes judging your junk too…I wouldn’t know…but I find that a frightening experience.

7. The Hearts Filthy Lesson – David Bowie

Wow…David.  Whoa.  Yeah.  There is nothing David could do to make me hate him so this happily won’t haunt me for too long. For 1995 this song is fantastic!

6. Fighter – Christina Aguilera

What the…?!  Not how I imagined this video to be at all! Just having this song this much out of context of the song makes it scary enough!

5. Disturbia – Rihanna

This is a cool video and a cool song.  No explanation needed. It has that awesome horror feeling of constriction and grunge! Great song!

4. Wrong – Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode can do no wrong in my eyes…oh!  Ha!  Wrong.  I made that funny. Crazy video though…damn!

3. The Kill – 30 Seconds to Mars

Based off The Shining (one of Stephen Kings better flicks by the way) the shows my awesome Jared Leto in his first hit with his band after breaking from acting. I love how this video is borderline funny because you already know how this story rolls! The animal suit…fucking genius!

2. Sweet Dreams – Marilyn Manson

What the hell man?  You want to talk about scaring the hell out of someone, put them in a room with Marilyn when he’s in role for one of his music videos.  That’ll scare the religion back in them!

1. Thriller – Michael Jackson

You knew this had to be number one!  How can I explain…I just wont.

As an added bonus, I recently found a zombie themed video by Papa Roach!

BONUS – Still Swinging by Papa Roach


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