Music Nostaligia – 5 Great Songs of ’99

That last one!  Hot damn I survived!  I can’t believe it!  And I only had one “What the fuck was I thinking?” moments!  I feel like  accomplished something with this list of the 90’s.  I feel that I might have down some spiritual healing by going back and facing some of my childhood times…and I appreciate the music I listen to now!  Don’t get me wrong, I love a lot of music from this decade, it’s just that all those personal experiences were remembered by listening to all this music…and not all of it was good I can tell you all that!

Snow on the Sahara – Anguun

Thank you MTV late night for this artist of which I would never have found any other time since after this year you began to suck!  This is a rather melodic song for MTV however I like her voice a lot and the album was very goo (anyone who can do a decent cover of Life on Mars by David Bowie is worth anyone’s time!).

Bailamos – Enrique Englesias

And yet ANOTHER genre is introduced right at the end…the Latin invasion!  All types of artists were making it big off of their Hispanic origins now and the big ones were Ricky, this guy, and…Jennifer Lopez?  What?  She may have Spanish blood but she grew up in America!  What kind of an invasion was that?  Well, they did teach up how to speak a little bit of Spanish at a time…hence the Spanish name of this song…which means “I have more money than you..hahaha…” is the translation I gave it.

Blue Monday – Orgy

Hells yeah!  No, wait…Fuck Yeah!  I really love Orgy and I first loved this song just because I saw the image of the CD cover in a catalog and thought they might sound cool.  Thus the love for them began.  This is actually a fantastic remake of a Cure song and I still, to this day, will listen to this song!

The Chemicals Between Us – Bush

I wanted to mention Bush on my list even though my favorite song of theirs was Mouth from the American Werewolf in Paris soundtrack.  They really are pioneers and I thought their stuff was wholly original.

Angel – Sarah McLachlan

Cry bitch…just cry.  I cry even harder when it’s put in an animal abuse video.


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