Music Nostaligia – 5 Great Songs of ’97

Moving along now!  We have now entered my high school years.  This was the time of Dawson’s Creek, Felicity, and TRL.  Gone are the days of My So Called Life and Winona Ryder.  This was when all these Shakespearean plays were remade with a more modern flare, showing the real life circumstances of these classic stories.  I can’t really tell you if they were ruined for me or not but I do have to give them props for trying to get my generation learned!

I Want You – Savage Garden

Remember WHAM!?  This was the same kind of story.  No one knew the lead singer was gay, no one questioned it, yet he came out years later.  I still think George did it best though!  I like Savage Garden (based on Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles by the way) since the whole album had a theme!  A theme!  A thought long since lost to corporate radio!

Where Have All The Cowboys Gone – Paula Cole

Of all of Paula’s songs, I tolerate this one the most.  After the unfortunate tragedy of having been the theme for Dawson’s Creek…let’s just say Paula’s production company made the best and the worst choice of her career.  Not only does it get stuck in your head…but you associate it with one of the most angst ridden TV series in history!  But you strike up a good point…I miss John Wayne!

You Must Love Me – Madonna

Back when Madonna still had appeal, this was a great, if not simple, song performed for the movie Evita.  I am on old school Madonna fan, not that Kabbalah loving mother who smothers her fans with Miami rave music.  Sorry, truth hurts.  She was better before she was 40!

#1 Crush – Garbage

And yet another song from a soundtrack but this one was for Romeo and Juliet…the modern day version with Leo and Claire (we’re on a first name bases on this blog).  This song is later going on my stalker list since it’s lyrics aren’t borderline..they’re straight up creepy!

It’s No Good – Depeche Mode

Yay they made it!  It worries me since so many bands couldn’t really survive the 80’s with their pride intact.  But not Depeche Mode!  Damn I love them!  For any of you that have any doubt at how awesome this band is, they are one of the most covered bands on the planet!


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