Music Nostaligia – 5 Great Songs of ’95

Just cranking these bitches out…trying to maintain what little sanity my dominant insanity wishes for me to have!  This year I remember more because it was the last year that MTV played music video…like on rotation…right before their ever popular music show (gag) but they were misleading since they put the same rotation on every morning for a month!  So it was Jovi and Desiree as I recall.  Every morning, for a solid month.  Sad to say, this was a very sad time for music.  And even sadder…it took three boy bands and two teenage pop tart looking deals to get us out of the rut!  And then…the age of the soundtrack!

This Ain’t a Love Song – Bon Jovi

And here it is, the song on constant rotation in the morning on MTV for a solid month!  Now don’t get me wrong, I love Jovi!  And this is a really nice ballad (weird!  “ballad” in the mirror looks the same…Hi random) so I guess looking back on the anguish or repetitiveness… still hurts!

No More I Love You’s –  Annie Lennox

The one thing that stands out for me in this video, that one thing that caught my eyes with meat hooks and plastered me to the screen, the one thing that I wasn’t too sure if I should laugh out loud or take it seriously…the men in tutus.  What in the fuck did that have anything to do with this song?  I love you Annie for the random you bring to our lives!

I’ll Stand By You – The Pretenders

A very awesomely slow song that I still love to listen to.  I just remember thinking, “Wow!  She got him all the way to the tub!  I would have dropped his ass like a scorpion filled plate of spaghetti for being all passed out when I need stuff done!” But then I thought it was a love…thing…I don’t know.  I wouldn’t have taken that shit.

Gangsta’s Paradise – Coolio

Ah damn!  This is it!  And the cool think is I don’t even see Coolio when I watch or listen to this song.  I see the awesome Michell Pfeiffer!  Then I see Coolio flipping his shit when his record company gave permission for Weird Al to do a parody called Amish Paradise (which was also huge).

Run Away – Real McCoy

I can’t really say much about this song since this is DEFINITELY not my taste in music.  However, this was a big deal back then and it needs credit.  My sister had the album (one of the first CD’s she ever bought) but every single song, from the first to the last, sounded exactly the same.  Exactly!  It was all new wave techno dance trance and…ugh!  No!  I’ll just leave it alone.

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