Music Nostaligia – 5 Great Songs of ’94

Now we are coming to what I like to call hippie revival…mixed with over priced quality goods and you have the makings of not one, not two…but three genres!  First out we have the nouveau hippies trying to relive what their parents had back in the day (this will inevitably lead to tragedy) then you have techno-euro beat-electronica-trance kind of stuff, and then you have the mix between the two…the ones who like the hippie music but mixes it with current sounds.  And Hip Hop is still going strong and proud!

The Sign – Ace of Base

I remember when this came out in my last year of elementary school!  You could run fast enough away from this even if you managed to lo-jack the Rocketeer’s rocket pack!  It made the Ankh looks cool again, it was catchy…and sadly this band didn’t really survive the 90’s.  Sad because I always saw them as a my generations Abba!

Shine – Collective Soul

Again, this is one of those songs that plays with my memory when I hear it.  My brother had moved and this was playing in the moving truck on the way back home…in 104 degree heat, no AC, and a hateful brother who’s last hoorah was making my week a living hell!  Classic, loving memories…hot and gross times…

Because the Night – 10000 Maniacs

I didn’t know until after doing extensive research on this song that it’s actually a remake of a remake and others had remade it and so on and so forth…but I think this is a great version!  I always wondered about the name though…where were the 10000 at least people let alone maniacs?

Mary Jane’s Last Dance – Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

This video was shot when Kim Basinger’s career was on a high note…unlike the broken violin that it is now.  I thought it was a really creative song with a lot of awesome lyrics…until I got old enough to know that it was borderline necrophilia!   Whose idea was it to steal a body from a morgue, dress it up, and stumble thriller with it?  Oh…Tom’s…got it..enough said.

Shoop – Salt-N-Pepa

The only thing I have to comment about this song next to how cool it was back then was the white kids who “shooped” along it…I’m not going any further.


2 thoughts on “Music Nostaligia – 5 Great Songs of ’94

  1. Emily Gabriele says:

    “Shine” by Collective Soul is my favorite track on this awesome, five-song line up. I must say I’m a little bummed that The Wallflowers didn’t make this list though. But I may be partial considering I have their new song “Reboot The Mission” on repeat…

    So in honor of my new ear-worm, I will make my own addition to this post ;-D

    I know it’s not nostalgic, but the band has nostalgia in itself.


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