Underground’s Artists : One Ok Rock

       Well, I said that I’d post when I found something good for y’all!

It has taken me a while, but I recently stumbled across a band that renews my faith in kids these days!  I was preoccupied with the new goodness that BUCK – TICK  had given the world, all the while ignoring new stuff. Now, this was a mistake, as I realized when this popped up on a recommendation from Youtube.  I listened, went “Hell Yeah!” And now I pass this along to you.

Meet One Ok Rock:

Hah! Made my job a little easier! Just count out the token white kid (who got arrested/kicked out of band for feeling up a private school girl on a tram) and you have it!

The change in musical style is directly related to dumbass there being evicted. Now the sound is somewhere between mid- era punk, some metal, and a dash of hardcore. The rhythms  are pretty obviously meant for a two guitar band, but are disguised nicely. Thus flowing into their newer stuff that’s more appropriately arranged.  Honestly, I like the new sound better.

Par example:

So check them out, give support (they’re now on Itunes) and let’s see how they continue rolling!


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