Underground’s Artists : BUCK-TICK

If you’ve been on the j-rock scene for at least 5 years, you’re well liked and make decent sales.  If you’re around for 10 years, you having staying power my friend and deserve your time in the spotlight.  If you’re around for longer, say 20+ years…you my friend are a legend!  Now that I’m done talking to you like you’re the awesome j-rockers in question…I shall move on.  This particular Underground’s Artist is dedicated to such a band that is still performing after over 20 years of amazing rock and roll…BUCK-TICK!

Now, as I talk to you as yourself, if you have been listening to j-rock for any length of time, you know this band.  You have heard this band.  You understand what I am about to say.  If not, just follow along my merry joyride down j-rock memory lane!

What I think some of you are expecting is a thorough history of BUCK-TICK of which I will have to sorely disappoint you.  You see, I was born about maybe a year before this band got together so most of their earlier work is not as appealing to me as their later stuff.  Not to say it’s not great music!  I love it!  But I didn’t get into BUCK-TICK until Gessakai (which is when most of the Western world got hooked on them like a bad case of heroin!) so a lot of their early stuff kind of reminds me of watching The Jetsons as opposed to Spongebob …better but not as popular with the young.  So if you want to know about their earlier stuff, just cruise over to Wikipedia and get a glimpse.  But for this blog in particular…here we go with some cliff notes!

BUCK-TICK was founded in 1983 and was signed (in my opinion) very quickly in 1987 and has kept the same line-up throughout the entire time.  They have always been accredited for having help start the visual kei movement in the 80’s alongside X-Japan (and yes I have noticed a lot of hyphenation in the names) so you know how special that makes them!  One of the things I love about this band is that their musical style changes so frequently!  From rock to electronica to gothic…they never stop learning and expanding their talent!  And to think that none of them knew how to play at first!  Hell, America has bands who still don’t know how to play…they never bothered to learn!

The Members

Atsushi Sakurai

Lead Singer and the only band member to go solo using his own name.  He was basically the class loner and was dark and gothy and apparently perfect for being….a drummer!  Yeah, that didn’t last.  After they got rid of Araki (the only former band member by the way) he jumped to singer.

Hisashi Imai

Lead guitarist and the major contributing songwriter.  He also has side projects and other bands.

Hidehiko Hoshino

Rhythm guitarist and former culinary student…?

Yutaka Higuchi

Bassist and brother to Toll.

Toll Yagami

Drummer and the head of BUCK-TICK’s management company, Banker.

I think that’s all you guys really need to know about the band.  On to the albums…all of them!


Hurry Up Mode (1987; indies)
1. Sexual XXXXX! (1987)
2. Seventh Heaven (1988)
3. Taboo (1989)
4. Aku No Hana (1990)
5. Hurry Up Mode (1990 mix)
Symphonic Buck-Tick in Berlin (1990)
6. Kurutta Taiyo (1991)
* Koroshi No Shirabe ~ This is NOT Greatest Hits (1992)
7. Darker Than Darkness –Style 93– (1993)
Shapeless (1994)
8. Six/Nine (1995)
Catalogue 1987-1995 (1995)
9. Cosmos (1996)
10. Sexy Stream Liner (1997)
Sweet Strange Live Disc (1998)
BT (1999)
97BT99 (2000; not sanctioned by Buck-Tick)
11. One Life, One Death (2000)
One Life, One Death Cut Up (2001)
Super Value Buck-Tick (2001; not sanctioned by Buck-Tick)
12. Kyokutou I Love You (2002)
13. Mona Lisa Overdrive (2003)
At the Night Side (2004)
14. Juusankai Wa Gekkou (2005)
Catalogue 2005
15. Tenshi No Revolver (2007)

Based on all of these albums…I’m not even going to try to list the singles.  No.  Not even going to go there.


2 thoughts on “Underground’s Artists : BUCK-TICK

  1. Myuu says:

    They are awesome and very addictive! More power to them, especially that they are going to produce their new album, Yumemiru Uchuu. 😀


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