Music Nostalgia : The Ones Left Out…of the 80’s

After having done the Music Nostalgia 1980-1989 I realized that I had left a few out.  The reason was I wanted to add a few here and there and 1984 was just one hot fucking mess so I have decided to help myself out a bit and give a few more with no explanation, no dates, no rhyme or reason…just some really good songs that I love that didn’t make it into the original lists because I didn’t want to be beaten with strips of barbed wire while someone in the dark bleakness, which is the side street I was violently dragged to after being bound with rope dipped in itching powder, whistles their favorite song which I neglected for the painfully obvious reason… the song sucked!  So to avoid this horrible fate, I just sucked it up and added the song.  Now…it’s my turn! (You may also notice that I love the beauty of the run-on sentence.  This is just my little vengeance for all those painful years in school that amount to nothing but anguish and humility…nyah nyah…I’ll do what I want!)

Who Wants To Live Forever – Queen

Take My Breath Away/Heartstrings – Berlin

Personal Jesus – Depeche Mode

It’s The End Of The World As We Know It – R.E.M.

Africa – Toto

Like a Prayer – Madonna

Cherry Pie – Warrant

Rock You Like A Hurricane – Scorpions

Pure Energy – Information Society

All We Are – Warlock

There are plenty…plenty of others, but this just seems like a good stopping point.  Now it’s on to my most dreaded of decades…the 90’s!  ::sigh:: if no one hears from me, I offed myself with Pop Rocks and Coke…::like even that will work:: cries in corner.


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