Underground’s Artists : BREAKERZ

This a new band for me so please bare with me.  Japanese musicians are, sad to say, a dime a dozen.  Sure every now and then a band will slither out of the primordial trenches which are the stepping stones for most bands around the world.  But there has to be that spark in a j-rocker’s eyes that seals the deal and passes them into infamy!  We’ve seen it over the last decade with bands such as The GazettE and Dir En Grey yet these are rare diamonds among the many.  Don’t get me wrong!  There are tons of others who stand out in the mass conglomeration that is “j-rock” (I’m using this term loosely since this can get me into horrible trouble as I have already been referred to as racist once already!  I know right!  Ridiculous!  I’ll dive into this subject later!) such as Alice  Nine and SCREW but today I shall talk about my new happy find:  Breakerz!

A brief background…this is a three member band with remarkably no drummer.  That must mean they are so awesome that the beat of the drum comes naturally to the sound of the plucking guitars!  I felt I should mention this since it does seem rather odd that they not have one.  Not to mention they don’t even have a bassist which has lead me to believe this band was formed mainly on the concept of eye candy…or they just couldn’t find other members to work with.  I’m going for eye candy!

It is also important to note that the members of this band are not “young” so to speak.  Due to the genetic stigma which is Japanese youthful appearances making age and gender a rather hard thing to identify without a well trained eye, this band are all in their 30’s!  Amazing?  It is if you consider that most band members, such as Toshiya from Dir En Grey and Miyavi formerly of Due Le Quartz, were 17 when they started…yeah this is definitely worth noting.  Most j-rockers careers end by the time they’re 25!  Don’t believe me?  Ayumi Hamasaki retired when she was 24…then she had a comeback thing but still!

So onward!  Now to the cast members!


Daigo – The lead vocals and songwriter.  This is the one who is supposed to get your attention…or at least female attention.  His favorite way to do so is by licking his lips which most females wouldn’t find to erotic except if done by an really good looking Asian.  Sorry fellas that’s just the way it works!

Shinpai – he rocks the guitar (well, one of them) and synthesizers.  Ah, a New Wave crazy in the heart of Tokyo…I fucking love that!

Akihide – The other guitar and the other synthesizer.  Without two how can awesome be achieved I ask?


[2007] BREAKERZ[2007] CRASH & BUILD[2008] BIG BANG![2009] FIGHTERZ[2011] GO

And Since They Just Can’t Have Albums…Mini Albums

[2008] Ao no Mirai (アオノミライ; Pale Future)
[2010] B.R.Z ACOUSTIC (Acoustic Mini Album)

And Since It Wasn’t Detailed Enough In The Albums…Singles

[2008] SUMMER PARTY / LAST EMOTION[2008] Sekai wa Odoru / Shakunetsu (世界は踊る / 灼熱; The Dancing World / Scorching)
[2008] Angelic Smile / WINTER PARTY[2009] GRAND FINALE[2009] Everlasting Luv / BAMBINO (バンビーノ)
[2009] Hikari (光; Light)
[2009] LOVE FIGHTER ~Koi no Battle~ (LOVE FIGHTER ~恋のバトル~; Battle of Love)
[2010] Gekijou / hEaVeN (激情; Passion)
[2010] BUNNY LOVE / REAL LOVE 2010[2011] Tsukiyo no Itazura no Mahou / CLIMBER×CLIMBER (月夜の悪戯の魔法; Moonlight Magic Trick)
[2011] LAST†PRAY / Zettai! I LOVE YOU (絶対! I LOVE YOU)
[2012] Miss Mystery[2012] Overwrite / Nounai Survivor (オーバーライト / 脳内Survivor)

And Since We Just Can’t Have Hard Copy Singles…Digital Singles

[2007] THE TRAIN’S GONE… / JOKER[2007] WAKE UP MY SOUL / Re:born

Now after going through some of these, I feel this band should totally do a remake of WHAM!’s “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go”!  It would be awesome!

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